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Kites in a Hurricane

Kites in a Hurricane
Startups from Cradle to Fame

First Edition
  • Rishi Kapal - a Stanford LEAD alumni, is a Transitions Coach, Innovations and Marketing Consultant

January 2019 | 272 pages | SAGE Response

Startups, even the ones started by mature founders, required a lot of investment—both monetary and intellectual—on their entrepreneurial journey in terms of development and collaboration of the ecosystem. There are a million stories out there of successes and failures, of big and small startups, of one-of-a-kind and of every kind of startup. However, one thing is common: the entrepreneurial journey is checkered with highs and lows, difficult decisions, roadblocks, perseverance and lots of advice. Kites in a Hurricane is a book that describes how several startups used technology and entrepreneurial systems in an innovative manner to solve the problems they faced day after day when aspiring to build successful companies.

No one understands this world better than Rishi Kapal who spends all his waking hours surrounded by startups. This book is the essence of his experience with over 500 startups—it will help newer startups navigate through the exciting yet onerous entrepreneurial journey.

You will feel like an insider in the boardroom discussions and decisions of some of the successful startups.

Foreword by Sanjeev Sinha
What Changed the World: An Insider’s View of Startups
The Difficulty of Being a Good Idea
Face in the Dark
Business on a Shoestring
Make Me, Break Me, Remake Me
Developing the Organization: Founders as Flag Bearers
Design Me to Life
Feed Self, Then Get Fed: Business Development and Revenue Generation
Being Investible
Roots to Wings—Levitate: Becoming a Global Enterprise

“As a believer and supporter of edtech, I do believe that Rishi’s book is a very thoughtful compilation of the journey of early stage entrepreneurs. It lays out the experiences and frameworks that can be adopted for reducing their time to market and revenue. I wish them all luck.”

Ronnie Screwvala,
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Author
Key features

·         This book is based on author’s primary experience of dealing with 550+ startups.

·         Provides tangible learning outcomes in every department that start-ups need to focus on.

·         Provides several real-life examples of ideas that worked and that didn’t.

·         Breaks several myths about start-ups.

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ISBN: 9789352807895