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Lifespan Development in Context

Lifespan Development in Context
A Topical Approach

Second Edition
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February 2023 | 1 016 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Award-winning author Tara Kuther presents Lifespan Development in Context, Second Edition, a topically oriented edition of her bestselling text that provides a panoramic view of the many influences that shape human development. Kuther's student-friendly narrative illustrates how the places, sociocultural envi­ronments, and ways in which we are raised influence who we become and how we grow and change throughout our lives. Three core themes resonate throughout each chapter and across each developmental domain and topic: the centrality of context, the importance of research, and the applied value of developmental science. Foundational theories and classic studies are woven together with contemporary research and culturally diverse perspectives for a full, updated introduction to the field that is both comprehensive and concise. Case studies, real-world applications, and video examples ignite critical thinking and class discussion, ensuring students have the tools they need to apply course concepts to their lives and future careers.

Chapter 1: Understanding Human Development: Approaches and Theories
Chapter 2: Biological and Environmental Foundations and Prenatal Development
Chapter 3: Physical Development and Aging
Chapter 4: Brain, Perception, and Motor Development
Chapter 5: Health and Wellness
Chapter 6: Cognitive Change: Cognitive-Developmental and Sociocultural Approaches
Chapter 7: Cognitive Change: Information Processing
Chapter 8: Intelligence
Chapter 9: Language Development
Chapter 10: Emotional Development
Chapter 11: Self, Identity, and Personality
Chapter 12: Moral Development
Chapter 13: Gender and Sexuality
Chapter 14: Social Relationships: Family and Peers
Chapter 15: School, Achievement, and Work
Chapter 16: Death and Dying
Key features


  • Chapter-opening Learning Objectives are aligned to Bloom’s taxonomy and matched with key digital resources curated and developed specifically to facilitate comprehension.
  • Lives in Context integrated examples illustrate how our biology, cultural, lived experiences all are embedded in multiple layers of context, including family, culture, neighborhood, community, norms, values, and historical events. This key coverage is embedded in all sections throughout the text, linking to learning objectives, related core concepts, and to clear, real-life examples.
  • Career Connections featuring 35 careers rooted in developmental science, cover career pathways for students and highlight career contexts to consider at every stage of life.
  • Thinking in Context critical thinking questions at the end of every section prompt students to compare concepts, apply theoretical perspectives, and consider applications of research findings.
  • Apply Your Knowledge sections at the end of every chapter ask students to apply their understanding to address a particular situation or problem, reinforcing the book’s emphasis on application.
  • Robust pedagogical tools include key terms, summaries and end-of-chapter Review Questions allow students to easily revisit, review, and retain chapter content.
  • Available in Vantage, Lives in Context Video Cases with assessments spotlight individuals in every stage of the lifespan, allowing students to see theories of development through a culturally rich, real-world lens. 
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