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Literacy Is Still Not Enough

Literacy Is Still Not Enough
Modern Fluencies for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

February 2021 | 240 pages | Corwin

Part I: Setting the Scene for the Modern Fluencies
Chapter 1: Highly Educated Useless People
Chapter 2: Education in the Age of Disruption
Chapter 3: From Literacy to Fluency: The Starting Point
Chapter 4: Modern Learning Pedagogy and the Learning Progression
Chapter 5: Modern and Future-Ready Learning Environments
Part II: An Introduction to the Modern Fluencies
Chapter 6: Teaching and Learning Using the Modern Fluencies
Chapter 7: Solution Fluency: Real-World Problem Solving
Chapter 8: Collaboration Fluency: Global Connections
Chapter 9: Information Fluency: InfoWhelm and HyperInformation
Chapter 10: Communication Fluency: Text and Multimedia
Chapter 11: Creativity Fluency: Innovation and Imagination
Chapter 12: Global Citizenship: Citizenship in the Digital Age
Chapter 13: Authentic Assessment: Techniques and Strategies
Part III: Moving Forward
Chapter 14: The Future of Education is Now: Are You Ready?
Chapter 15: Fluency Resources

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ISBN: 9781544381268