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Manager to CEO

Manager to CEO
9 Signposts to the Top Job

Second Edition
  • Walter Vieira - Former chairman, International Council of Management Consulting Institutes

January 2016 | 224 pages | SAGE Response

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Manager to CEO is a guide to understanding and surviving in the corporate environment. Designed to give professionals a comprehensive overview of the modern workplace, this book covers a wide range of issues that managers face in organizations as they move up the corporate ladder.

Foreword by K.V. Kamath
Preface to the First Edition
Preface to This Edition
Understand the Role of Power and Politics in the Workplace
Master the Art of Managing Self
Develop the Ability to Manage Others
Understand Change: Keep Communication Channels Open
Keep Calm: You Win Some and Lose Some
Make Values and Ethics the Foundation of Your Work Life
Do Not Try to Ride Alone: It Is an Airplane, Not a Bicycle!
When You Have Arrived: The New CEO!
Toward a Second Career: Plan for Disengagement—Not for Retirement
Epilogue: A Tale of Two Seas!

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ISBN: 9789351506348