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Managing Change in Organizations

Managing Change in Organizations

Second Edition
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December 2023 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Managing Change in Organizations, second edition, explores a broad range of perspectives on change management, encouraging critical reflection and making sense of a complex field of theories. Its unique approach, based around three key perspectives of change, will help you to understand:

·         How change is accomplished – the tool perspective

·         What change means for those involved – the process perspective

·         Why change is initiated (and whether it is necessary) – the critical perspective

Updated throughout to include new examples, case studies and exercises, this essential text offers you the chance to learn pragmatic tools for managing change, as well as gain an in-depth understanding of different theories and their values.

Stefan Sveningsson is Professor of Business Administration at the School of Economics and Management, Lund University.

Nadja Sörgärde is Senior Lecturer in Business Administration at the School of Economics and Management, Lund University.

Perspectives on Change
Why Organizational Change?
The Tool-based Perspective: Planned Change and Organizational Development
The Tool-based Perspective: Integrated Organizational Models
The Process Perspective: Focus on Interpretations and Understandings
The Process Perspective: The Importance of Language
The Critical Perspective of Change
The Complexity of Resistance
Managing Organizational Change: Practical Lessons and Key Insights

A good "Introductory" text for new students to the concept of change/organisational change. The text is written in a clear and easy to understand format and structure.

Mr Andrew Clark
Faculty of Business and Law, Sunderland University
February 15, 2024

Great resource. Clearly written and well laid out.

Ms Rita Kinsella
Classics, Ancient History & Egyptology, Swansea University
May 24, 2024

I have more pressing interests so I am not reviewing this book. I can only see 3 books at any one time and I would like to see another first. I might be intrested but after reviewing another text

Dr Adrian Myers
Business School, Oxford Brookes University
December 19, 2023

The book "Managing Change in Organizations" by Stefan Sveningsson and Nadja Sörgärde is a good book with a structure and online resources that are truly focused on educators and the classroom. I highlight the following strengths of the book: i) the presence of Mini Cases, which contributes to the explanation of the topic and the consolidation of learning, ii) the use of models where they truly make a difference, and iii) Chapter 7 on language and storytelling applied to change management.

As a suggestion for improvements in future editions, I recommend that the theme of Chapter 10 (Practical Lessons and Key Insights) be expanded to provide a better perspective on how the practices presented in the book can be implemented in real companies.

However, for our current course, the book does not meet our needs since we are seeking a more practical approach to this subject, which is not the strong suit of this book.

Professor Mauricio Caetano
Business School, BPP University (London City)
December 18, 2023

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