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Managing Diversity and Inclusion

Managing Diversity and Inclusion
An International Perspective

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May 2015 | 376 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

*Shortlisted in the Management and Leadership Textbook Category at CMI Management Book of the Year Awards 2016*

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Managing Diversity and Inclusion: an International Perspective
is a hotly anticipated new text that has been written by an international team of experts and offers an in-depth and contextual account of enduring, contemporary and cutting edge theories and approaches to diversity and inclusion management.

The book uniquely situates UK and European policies and practices of various dimensions of diversity firmly within the global context through an international and cross-cultural range of case studies and considers how national contexts have shaped the field.

Key features:
  • International and cross-cultural case studies, examples and comparisons from a range of countries including the emerging economies
  • Case study approach illuminates complex theories  by showing how they are applied in practice
  • Criticality is central to the book  with each chapter including critical analysis, critical questions and boxed critical insights and reflections
  • Companion website with free full text journal articles. Visit

Jawad Syed and Mustafa Özbilgin
Introduction: Theorising and managing diversity and inclusion in the global workplace
Part I: Concepts
Olivia Kyriakidou
Chapter 1: Sociological and psychological perspectives on diversity
Clifford Lewis and Ahu Tatli
Chapter 2: Leadership and diversity management in a global context
Darren T. Baker and Elisabeth K. Kelan
Chapter 3: Policy and practice of diversity management in the workplace
Part II: Dimensions of diversity
Faiza Ali
Chapter 4: Gender equality in the workplace
Kurt April and Jawad Syed
Chapter 5: Race and ethnicity in the workplace
Hélène Mountford and Peter Murray
Chapter 6: Age diversity in the workplace
Charmine E.J. Härtel and Jennifer M. O'Connor
Chapter 7: Disabled persons in the workplace
Selcuk Uygur and Erhan Aydin
Chapter 8: Religious diversity in the workplace
Mustafa Bilgehan Ozturk and Nick Rumens
Chapter 9: Sexual minorities in the workplace
Part III: Future of diversity management
Jawad Syed
Chapter 10: Work-life balance
Harry J. Van Buren III
Chapter 11: Intersectionality in the workplace
Mustafa Özbilgin and Jawad Syed
Conclusion: Future of diversity management


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For lecturers:

  • PowerPoint slides per chapter to assist teaching
  • Instructor’s Manual for each chapter with activity suggestions, case study questions and answers and teaching notes

For students:

  • Links to useful websites relevant to each chapter
  • Access to SAGE journal articles cited in the book


Managing Diversity and Inclusion: An International Perspective could not have come at a better time. In tandem with an increasing emphasis on the globalisation of organisations, products and services, there is a critical need for a book that will expand how students and managers alike understand diversity and inclusion beyond the context of the US… Personally, I find this book a piece of work that is both academically valuable and a pleasurable reading… I recommend this book to human resource and diversity management practitioners, policy makers and scholars alike to develop a critical and contextual understanding of contemporary issues of diversity and inclusion.

Dennis Gabriel Pepple
University of Huddersfield
European Management Review

The book edited by our colleagues, Jawad Syed and Mustafa Ozbilgin, is quite refreshing and gives some important critical reflections on the issue of diversity in our contemporary organizations and societies. It deserves to be read by all of us who are interested and deal with Diversity Issues.

Jean-François Chanlat
Full Professor and 'Management et diversité' co-chair, P.S.L Research, Université Paris-Dauphine

This book is an invaluable resource to help employers, managers and policy makers understand the challenges of moving forward in the diversity and inclusion space, and the ways in which to respond to different cultural contexts. It is a much needed piece of work which draws together various experiences and perspective on diversity and inclusion, to help really start thinking, reflecting and moving forward in a way that is not only socially responsible and ethical but also business-oriented. Combining academic work across various disciplines and cultures with numerous organisational examples, the book provides fresh insight to scholars and practitioners to understand this topic and be more confident, proactive and inclusive in their approach to diversity, rather than being constrained and limited to minimal legal compliance.

Dianah Worman
OBE Chartered FCIPD, Diversity lead for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Understanding of the depth and complexity of diversity management has grown considerably over the last decade. From a discourse which focused primarily on individualised rights and treatment, academic and professional thinking and writing has built on growing perspectives of workplace and societal cultures and hegemonies so as to inform discussion on addressing some of the more chronic, long-standing issues of under-representation and disadvantage. It is increasingly understood that successful strategies to improve the breadth and depth of diversity in organisations requires pro-active and compelling thinking and understanding, not just a list of dos and don’ts! The authors of this book have detailed and long-standing work and experience of these issues. The book brings together a variety of approaches which will add important context to current issues and debate.

David Ruebain
Chief Executive of Equality Challenge Unit

fits in with course module teaching

Mr Atul Patel
Faculty of Management, CASS Business School
September 8, 2015

A clear and comprehensive textbook which covers all the angles of diversity management, and provides useful additional materials online. Case studies are up-to-date and interesting, and can make useful classroom material.

Dr Alex Frame
UFR Langues & communication, University of Bourgogne
August 11, 2015

This will be an essential resource for my Equality and Diversity module. The content and the very helpful activities and reading exercises make it perfect.

Ms Jane Montague
School of Health Studies, Bradford University
July 6, 2015

An excellent text!

Mrs Brenda McCarron
School of Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt, Ulster University
June 19, 2015

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Ch.9 : Sexual minorities in the workplace

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