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Marketing Ethics & Society

Marketing Ethics & Society

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Business Ethics

October 2015 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Marketing, while essential to organisational success, is arguably one of the most controversial aspects of business management. Criticisms of marketing’s impact range from fostering materialism and unsustainable consumption patterns through to the use of deception, stifling of innovation and lowering of  quality, to name but a few. Taking a holistic and international perspective, this book critically examines the ethical challenges marketing faces and explores strategies marketers can use to respond to those challenges.


The book examines specific aspects of marketing activities, such as ethical considerations in relation to young consumers, potentially harmful products and criticism of the societal impact of medical, arts and tourism marketing activities.  It then combines these with wider discussions of frameworks that enable marketers to respond to ethical challenges, supplemented by discussions of cross-cultural and international perspectives, consumer responses and ethical consumption movements as well as shifting historical perceptions of marketing ethics.

The book is accompanied by a companion website including: PowerPoint slides and teaching notes per chapter, links to free SAGE journal articles and online videos selected per chapter by the authors, quizzes per chapter and links to further reading online.

Lynne Eagle
Chapter 1: Introduction to Marketing Ethics and Society
Lynne Eagle, Stephan Dahl and David R. Low
Chapter 2: Criticisms of Marketing
Stephan Dahl and Fannie Yeung
Chapter 3: Contrasting Perspectives on Marketing Ethics
Lynne Eagle and Stephan Dahl
Chapter 4: Ethical Issues in Marketing Relationships
Stephan Dahl
Chapter 5: Ethics in New Media
Stephan Dahl and Nadine Wähning-Orga
Chapter 6: Ethical Consumption
Stephan Dahl and Lynne Eagle
Chapter 7: Marketing to Young and Vulnerable Consumer Groups
Lynne Eagle, Debra M. Desrochers, Stephan Dahl, Tracey Mahony and David Low
Chapter 8: Promotion of Harmful Products
Mustafa Ebrahimjee, Stephan Dahl and Lynne Eagle
Chapter 9: Lifestyle, Health and Pharmaceutical Marketing
Lynne Eagle, Tracey Mahony and Stephan
Chapter 10: Tourism, Heritage, Cultural, Arts and Cause-Related Marketing
Lynne Eagle, Stephan Dahl and David Low
Chapter 11: Ethics in Social Marketing
Stephan Dahl and Kathleen Mortimer
Chapter 12: Legislation, Regulation and Ethics


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In this fantastic addition to the field of marketing ethics Eagle and Dahl set out and explore the broad range of ethical challenges that face the marketing profession today. This book is one that I will be recommending to practitioners, academics and students as the go-to resource for an up-to-date and comprehensive review of how and why ethical considerations sit at the heart of modern marketing practice.

Jeff French
Visiting Professor at Brunel University London and University of Brighton University, Fellow at King’s College London and Chief Executive of Strategic Social Marketing Ltd, UK

Modern and contemporary views of issues and impacts of marketing on society. A storehouse of thought provoking, mind opening discussion and literature.

Ann-Marie Kennedy
Senior Lecturer in Retailing at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Marketing Ethics & Society offers readers broad coverage of ethical issues in marketing practice today.  The end-of-chapter mini-cases help crystalize ethical issues as they are encountered by firms.   The authors impressively combine a practice perspective with the best scholarly research in marketing and ethics

Mark Peterson
Professor of Marketing, University of Wyoming College of Business, USA

This book and its companion website are extremely valuable informational, educational and reflective tools. The primary authors and their colleagues who have made this volume offer important questions about marketing in today’s world with an emphasis on meaning, purpose, consequences and possibilities. I can easily imagine students and other readers taking what they learn from this book and helping to push the horizons of marketing – not in the sense of expanding markets but rather in ways that make the profession and the institution fully engaged with the enormous challenges facing contemporary societies, economies and the planet.

George Cheney, University of Colorado–Colorado Springs, University of Utah, University of Waikato
Management Learning

The book is supplemental to the other books of the course that focus on CSR

Professor Dirk Reiser
Society and economy, University of Applied Sciences Rhine Waal
December 8, 2016

The book was interesting to read but I did not feel justified in recommending other than as back-up reading. I would not expect the students to buy it, though it would be useful to have one of the books in the library.

Mr Robert Hill
Management , Eastleigh College
July 30, 2016

Useful combination of case studies reflecting upon practice with theoretical perspectives

Miss Lynda Juliet Fitzwater
Womens Studies , University for the Creative Arts
June 3, 2016

It looks at marketing in a different way; it is very user friendly and it can be used across a number of modules in the faculty.

Ms Danielle Banyai
Sociology , Canterbury College
May 25, 2016

This book is very important for business students and practitioners. This book combines theory and practice and it is very useful for students.

Dr Muhammet Ali Tiltay
Management , Osmangazi University
November 6, 2015

I was transferred to another division and not being in charge of the course anymore.

Mr Khai Trieu Tran
Department of Commerce, Danang University of Economics
September 28, 2015

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