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Mastering Writing at Greater Depth

Mastering Writing at Greater Depth
A guide for primary teaching

Edited by:

March 2020 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

How do teachers identify the potential for greater depth writing and encourage children to meet their full potential?

This book was created by people who are not only passionate about primary education, but who are also leading experts in their own particular areas. They have made use of their wide experience to offer practical guidance on greater depth writing, while underpinning this with theoretical understanding.

We hope that reading this book helps you to reflect on what greater depth writing looks like and how you can encourage children to write at greater depth. You will find many suggestions for teaching lessons that encourage children to write at greater depth underpinned by theory.

Adam Bushnell
1 What is greater depth writing?
Angela Gill
2 Developing Deeper Writing in EYFS and KS1 Through a Play-based Approach
Megan Stephenson
3 Developing deeper writing in KS1 through the use of high-quality picture books
Adam Bushnell
4 Deeper writing at KS2
David Waugh
5 Developing understanding of language and deeper writing
Kate Allott
6 Non-fiction writing
Dan Hughes
7 Deeper Writing through Writing for Children
Christina Castling
8 Deeper Writing Through Drama
Kulwinder Maude
9 Deeper writing for EAL pupils
Lucy M Davies
10 Engaging pupils through the use of different materials to produce deeper writing
Michaela Oliver
11 Developing reasoning to encourage deeper writing
Pam Vennart
12 Using Classic Texts to Develop Deeper Writing skills by supporting the Teaching of Grammar, Vocabulary and Creative Writing
Catherine Reading
13 Reporting in Science at a deeper level

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