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Midterm Mayhem

Midterm Mayhem
What's Next for Obama and the Republicans

December 2010 | 40 pages | CQ Press

Just two years after the country was electrified by President Obama’s historic election, the political scene in Washington has changed radically once again. This insider’s guide includes discussions on the roles both party committees and outside groups played in the November vote. Giroux provides insight for students about how these midterm elections have already proved important for American politics, signaling major changes in the balance between Democratic and Republican power in Congress. Giving special attention to important issues like the state of the economy and fallout from the health-care reform bill’s passage, this brief supplement offers in-depth analysis of the 2010 midterm election results and what they mean for the balance of power in Congress, Obama’s policy agenda, and governance.

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Keeping the Republic (Full), Fourth Edition: ISBN 978-1-60871-811-5

Keeping the Republic (The Essentials), Fourth Edition: ISBN 978-1-60871-816-0

The Logic of American Politics, Fourth Edition: ISBN 978-1-60871-821-4

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