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Minorities, Aging and Health

Minorities, Aging and Health

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September 1997 | 479 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Ethnic minorities represent a growing percentage of the elderly population in the United States. Yet, the impact of aging on minority groups and subgroups has only been partially studied. Now, Minorities, Aging, and Health begins to fill the gap and open up the debate on how to provide for the specific needs of an increasingly diverse elderly population. In order to provide as complete and current overview as possible, the contributors examine a variety of populations, including Hispanics, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Native Americans. Some specific issues covered in this volume include: mortality and life expectancy, the incidence of disease and disabilities, diet and nutrition, access to health services and long-term care, and public health care policy. This book is both timely and unique, thus making it a welcome addition to the literature on aging for scholars and health care professionals. It will be an invaluable resource in the fields of gerontology, public health, ethnic studies, and nursing.

Kyriakos S Markides and Manuel R Miranda
Minorities, Aging and Health

`Non-White' and White Age Trajectories of Mortality
Evidence from Extinct Cohort Analyses, 1950 to 1992

Adult Mortality among American Indians
Concerns about the Reliability of a Crucial Indicator of Health Status

Race, Age, Chronic Disease and Disability
Aging, Chronic Disease and Physical Disability in Hispanic Elderly
Aging, Chronic Conditions and Physical Disbilities in Asian and Pacific Islander Americans
Aging and Chronic Disease in American Indian Populations
Aging, Diet and Nutrition in African Americans
Nutrition among Hispanic Elders in the United States
Hispanic Aging, Social Support and Mental Health
Does Acculturation Make a Difference?

Asian American Elderly Mental Health
Health Care Use and Long-term Care among African-Americans
Access and Quality Issues

Health Service Use and Long-term Care among Hispanics
Long-term Care among American Indians
A Broad Lens Perspective on Service Preference and Use

Caught in Hostile Cross-Fire
Public Policy and Minority Elderly in the United States


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