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Minorities in Juvenile Justice

Minorities in Juvenile Justice

Edited by:
  • Kimberley Kempf Leonard - University of Louisville, USA, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, USA, University of Texas at Dallas, USA, University of Missouri at St. Louis, USA, Kent State University, USA
  • Carl E. Pope - University of Wisconsin, USA
  • William Feyerherm

June 1995 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The experiences of minority youths in the juvenile justice system are strikingly different from those of their white counterparts. In response to the overrepresentation of minority youths in confinement, Congress amended the Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Act to require states to investigate the imbalance and develop action plans to fix problem situations. In this carefully edited volume, the contributors note the extent and sources of disparate treatment of youths within juvenile justice and identify the need to respond to this bias. Findings from research and provocative analysis of topics such as racial difference in encounters with police, in urban juvenile court, in confinement and punishment, and among groups within juvenile justice awaken the reader to the variety of racial bias in the system. The authors also offer creative and practical policy recommendations and strategies for overcoming racial inequity in the juvenile justice process. Practitioners and researchers in juvenile justice, criminology, corrections, policing, sociology, and ethnic studies will find the cross-section of information in the volume enlightening. The material presented also ideally fits supplementary text needs for coursework dealing with race and crime. "This volume delivers a full and complete view of one of the most critical issues in juvenile justice. Rousing and informative, the book comes highly recommended." --Barry Krisberg, Ph.D., President, National Council on Crime and Delinquency, San Francisco

William Feyerherm
The DMC Initiative
The Convergence of Policy and Research Themes

Charles E Frazier and Donna M Bishop
Reflections on Race Effects in Juvenile Justice
Madeline Wordes and Timothy S Bynum
Policing Juveniles
Is There Bias against Youth of Color?

Barry C Feld
The Social Context of Juvenile Justice Administration
Racial Disparities in an Urban Juvenile Court

Kimberly Kempf Leonard and Henry Sontheimer
The Role of Race in Juvenile Justice in Pennsylvania
George S Bridges et al
Racial Disparities in the Confinement of Juveniles
Effects of Crime and Community Social Structure on the Punishment

James Austin
The Overrepresentation of Minority Youths in the California Juvenile Justice System
Perceptions and Realities

Lisa M Poupart
Juvenile Justice Processing of American Indian Youths
Disparity in One Rural County

Carl E Pope
Equity within the Juvenile Justice System
Directions for the Future


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ISBN: 9780803972650