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More Write Dance

More Write Dance
Extending Development of Write Dance for Children age 5-9

Second Edition

March 2012 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The Write Dance program is a lively, innovative, and above all, fun approach to developing prewriting and writing skills using movement. More Write Dance uses music, instructions and illustrations to help teachers guide children on how to refine and develop their drawings to achieve fluent letter strings.

This new edition includes: greater guidance on foundation movements, letter groups and joins; more teaching materials to help children learn to write; a fully revised introduction that outlines the theory behind the program; and more guidance for practitioners on using this approach.

Described by the author as 'an adventure with letters!' the book and audio CD will help children of all abilities to develop their writing, creativity and motor skills.

Ragnhild Oussoren is the creator of Write Dance and gives workshops in different countries. The Write Dance method has been so successful that it is practiced in six languages all around the world.

Writing and Dancing

Three Write Dance Circles

Foundation Movements and Letter Groups
Joining up the Following Letter

Exercises: Preparatory and supporting
Write Drawing and Breathing
Exercises: Rounded and Straight
Rounded: Loops, Eights and Flowers

Straight: Angles and Crosses


Eight Write Dance Cartoon figures
The Writing Posture Rhyme
Writing Sheets and (Sound) Words
Sound Words and Writing Sheets 1 and 2

Simple Words Consisting of Three or Four Letters on Writing Sheet 3

Words and Sentences on Writing Sheets 4 and 5

Krongelidong-Animals and Your Own Write Dance Signature

Letters A to Z
Music Drawings
Sailing Boat

Ocean Journey

Little Tea Ship

The Apartments of Dream Castle


Appendices and Copy Sheets
List of Music Tracks: Rounded and Straight

List of Exercises

List of Words Containing a Cluster of Vowels and/or Consonants

List of words in Which Vowels and Consonants Alternate, as in sound words

Writing Sheet 1

Writing Sheet 2

Writing Sheet 3

Writing Sheet 4

Writing Sheet 5

Sixteen Squares

Jacco Long Nose and Leo the Thinker

Ocean Waves and Beach Waves

Mountains-Hare Hop-Bulb Field-the Sea


Cartoon figures (2x)

Pictorial letters (2x)


'As an Early Years practitioner I use Write Dance on a weekly basis and, like my colleague before me, recommend it to anyone who will listen. It sits neatly within the Early Years providing a physical, interactive and visual response to music… year after year I see the children's skills and their confidence in their abilities grow' -
Bryonie Williams, Foundation Stage Leader and Reception Class Teacher

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 3

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ISBN: 9781446201121