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Multicultural School Psychology Competencies

Multicultural School Psychology Competencies
A Practical Guide

July 2008 | 544 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This unique guidebook is specifically designed with useful multicultural applications aimed at practice-based school psychology. The text compiles an informational and instructional array of helpful "hands-on" checklists, reviews of some of the most current cultural literature applicable to best practices, and provides guided steps to take in various practice-based situations. Multicultural School Psychology Competencies: A Practical Guide is practice-based, culture-sensitive, and intended for the multicultural competency preparation of psychologists-in-training and in practice as well as other professionals working with diverse children and youth in schools and other educational settings.

Key Features  
  • Presents critical multicultural competencies that are practice and situation-based to offer guidance on what to do in specific school, clinical, or other educational settings
  • Includes checklists and scales that give readers access to practical situation guidelines and accessibility of copying scales
  • Provides guidelines for writing psychological reports for culturally and linguistically diverse children
  • Devotes an entire chapter on emotional and multiple intelligence
  • Discusses multicultural clinical assessment in schools

Intended Audience  
This is an excellent text for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses such as School Psychology Practicum, Clinical Practicum, Role of the School Psychologist, and Multicultural or Bilingual Assessment-Behavioral in the fields of psychology, counseling, and education. This handy, comprehensive volume is also an invaluable resource for school psychologists, school counselors, educators, and other practitioners.

Part I: Multicultural School Competencies
Chapter 1: Introduction to Multicultural School Competencies
Part II: Multicultural Assessment
Chapter 2: Multicultural Assessment
Chapter 3: Assessment of Emotional and Multiple Intelligences
Chapter 4: Academic Assessment
Chapter 5: Clinical Assessment in a Multicultural Context
Chapter 6: Personality and Behavioral Assessment
Chapter 7: Writing Psychological and Educational Reports for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Clients
Part III: Consultations and Interventions
Chapter 8: Consultations and Interventions Involving Teachers
Chapter 9: Multicultural Competencies for Parental Training Programs (by Sara Nahari)
Part IV: Special Topics
Chapter 10: Acculturation
Chapter 11: The Language Barrier
Chapter 12: Prejudice Reduction
Chapter 13: Giftedness and Diverse Students

Excellent comprehensive text

Dr Desiree Vega
Counseling Leadership Adult Education and School Psychology, Texas State Univ-San Marcos
May 12, 2016

this book will enable students to develop their udnerstanding at a deeper level vis-a-vis issues appertaining to multi-cultural concerns

Dr Simon Claridge
Educational Psychology , Cardiff University
May 14, 2012
Key features

Chapter introductions

Background in theory

Guidelines, advice and suggestions on how to work in the school environment

Lists, tables, and sample documents

Case studies

References to books, web sites, CDs and videos




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