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New Wave Manufacturing Strategies

New Wave Manufacturing Strategies
Organizational and Human Resource Management Dimensions

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February 1994 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Over the past decade, many companies have adopted new strategies for manufacturing, which have taken their competitiveness on to new planes. A whole array of initiatives, such as FMS, JIT, TQM, CIM, and MRP II, have been introduced. This book deals with the far-reaching significance of these new approaches - collectively labelled "new wave manufacturing".

Considerable research evidence as well as practitioners' own experiences make one crucial point time and time again. The organizational as well as the human resource management aspects of these new strategies are critical to their success or failure. The underlying theme which is tackled in this book, therefore, is to what extent do these new operational strategies require a matching set of organizational and HR strategies?

By looking at the issues through the joint eyes of production and behavioural analysts, this book provides an unique introduction to the new developments in manufacturing as well as providing an up-to-date assessment of the organizational and H R dimensions to these methods.

New Wave Manufacturing Strategies has a vision which goes beyond the "new technology"/advanced manufacturing technology discussions.

The chapters have been written in a clear, accessible manner by leading experts from Europe, the USA and Australia as well as from the UK.

John Storey
New Wave Manufacturing Strategies
An Introduction

Joe Tidd
The Link Between Manufacturing Strategy, Organization and Technology
Nicholas Kinnie and Roy Staughton
The Problem of Implementing Manufacturing Strategy
Arthur Francis
The Design-Manufacturing Interface
Harry Boer
Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Patrick Dawson
Total Quality Management
Malcolm Hill
Computer-Integrated Manufacturing: Elements and Totality
Alan Spreadbury
Manufacturing Resource Planning
Alan Harrison
Just-in-Time Manufacturing
David Buchanan
Cellular Manufacture and the Role of Teams
Paul Adler
Worker Responses to New Wave Manufacturing
John Storey
Future Prospects

`Overall, the chapters are well-written and the editor has done an excellent job of commissioning the chapters from leading experts in their respective fields. The chapters are clear and accessible state-of-the-art reviews and absolutely recommendable to anyone interested in the organizational and technical aspects of modern production technology' - Journal of the Operational Research Society

`Particularly useful as a text on "people" courses directed at engineering students as well as those aimed at giving management and other social science students an appreciation of the technical aspects of some of the key issues facing manufacturing industry' - Work, Employment and Society

`The book is extremely well constructed and of high value, not only because the chapters are written by well-known academics, but they also follow common rules: almost all of them contain theoretical background, empirical results and a quite rich literature' - International Journal of Production Economics

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