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Nonprofit Marketing

Nonprofit Marketing
Marketing Management for Charitable and Nongovernmental Organizations

March 2006 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Nonprofit Marketing: Marketing Management for Charitable and Nongovernmental Organizations is a conceptually strong text that gives students marketing strategies for nonprofit, charitable, and nongovernmental organizations, while providing them with a broad treatment of marketing basics. Written in an easy-to-follow style, marketing concepts are clearly presented and supported with real-world examples.   

Key Features:
  • Offers clear coverage of marketing fundamentals: A survey of marketing functions, tailored specifically for nonprofit organizations, provides the reader with a framework for organizing, planning, and implementing marketing strategies. Special treatment is given to the important areas of marketing research and marketing communications.
  • Provides in-depth treatment of the most important marketing activities: Covers not only the key fundamentals, but also covers essential marketing functions such as direct marketing, fund raising, special events, attracting major gifts, and volunteer recruitment.   
  • Addresses emerging topics: Current and complete coverage is provided on social marketing and cause marketing, two emerging areas that are rapidly increasing in importance in the nonprofit sector. The book also includes many international examples of real-world organizations to offer students a multinational perspective on nonprofit marketing.   
Instructor's Resources!
Instructor Resources on CD are available to qualified adopters of Nonprofit Marketing. These resources include chapter outlines, discussion questions, teaching tips, review questions, and much more!  

Intended Audience:
This is an excellent text for undergraduate and graduate students studying nonprofit marketing in the fields of Marketing, Public Administration, Social Work, Sociology, Arts Administration, Management, and Business.    

Meet the author!\~wwymer

Part I -- Marketing Management
Chapter 1 -- Introduction to Nonprofit Marketing
Dimensions of Nonprofit Marketing  
Importance of Nonprofit Sector  
Types of Nonprofit Organizations  
Challenges Faced by the Nonprofit Sector  
Adoption of Marketing Approach  
Current Issues  
Book's Organization - Barry O'Mahoney and Michael Polonsky  
Chapter 2 -- Setting the Path of the Nonprofit Organization: Mission Focus, Strategic Objectives, Differentiation, Positioning, Unique Value Proposition, Segmentation
Mission – Defining a Focus and Scope  
Strategic Objectives to Achieve the Organization’s Mission  
Unique Value Proposition  
Chapter 3 -- Research in Nonprofit Organizations
Publics of Nonprofits  
Orientations of Nonprofits  
Why Nonprofits Must Do Research  
Where Research Fits Into a Nonprofit’s MIS  
The Research Process  
Chapter 4 -- Strategic Market Analysis and Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations
Defining Strategic Marketing, Planning, and Management  
The Importance of Marketing Analysis and Planning  
The Interrelatedness of Marketing Topics  
The Basic Strategic Market Analysis Process  
Potential Areas of Change That May Affect Strategic Planning  
Three Planning Situations  
Why is Strategic Planning Based in Marketing Theory?  
Organizational Culture, Values and Approach to Management Impacts Planning  
When Market-Based Strategic Planning Is Most Important  
Chapter 5 -- Offers in Nonprofit Organizations: Product and Place
Offers in Nonprofit Organizations  
The Nonprofit Marketing Mix  
Identifying the Offer in Nonprofit Organizations  
The Five Levels of an Offer  
Offer Classification  
Managing Nonprofit Offers  
Nonprofit Offer Development  
Managing Nonprofit Distribution  
Chapter 6 -- Offers in Nonprofit Organizations: Promotion and Price
Promotion –Marketing Communication  
Promotion Objectives  
The Promotional Mix  
Prices in Nonprofit Organizations  
Nonmonetary Prices of Nonprofit Offers  
Chapter 7 -- Direct Marketing Tactics  
Importance of Direct Marketing  
Types of Direct Marketing  
Characteristics of Direct Marketing  
Developing a Direct Marketing Program  
Ethical Issues  
Managerial Issues  
Online Fundraising  
Chapter 8 -- Strategic Approaches to Attracting Major Gifts
Major Gifts from Individual Donors  
A Nonprofit’s Largest Donors  
Seeing Through the Eyes of the Potential Donor  
The “Potential Major-Gift Information File”  
Traditional Tactics for Major-Gift Fund-Raising  
The Individual Major-Gift Donor Profile  
Tasks Related to Effective Nonprofit Major-Gift Development  
The “Close” - Asking for the Major Gift  
Alternative Major-Gift Formats for Prospect Consideration  
Chapter 9 -- Special Events in the Nonprofit Sector
Special Events: Definition, Rationale, Planning and Design  
Scope of Events in the Nonprofit Sector  
Objectives of Special Events  
Strategic Issues in Producing Special Events  
Managing Special Events  
Marketing and Promoting Special Events  
Evaluating Special Events  
Chapter 10 -- Marketing to Volunteers
Importance of Volunteers  
Classifying Volunteers  
Understanding Volunteer Motivations  
Marketing to Potential Volunteers  
Virtual Volunteering  
Chapter 11 -- Social Marketing
Changing Public Behavior  
Social Marketing Plan  
Issues Marketing: Changing Public Policy  
Involvement of the Business Sector  
Chapter 12 -- Cause-Related Marketing and Other Collaborations with the Business Sector
Importance of Collaborating with the Business Sector  
Cost and Benefits  
Different Types of Relationships with Businesses  
Setting Objectives  
Finding a Corporate partner  
Managing the Relationship  
Model of Consumer Responses to Campaign  

It fits the coverage I need for the course while not being so detailed as to seem enclyclopedic to students.

Dr Ralph W. Jackson
Management Marketing Dept, University of Tulsa
July 8, 2011

I have been using Andreasen Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Orgs. My colleague at Northeastern uses the Wymer text. I am not impressed. I find Andreasen laid out in a more accessible format. Tables and exhibits seem more useful, readily adoptable, in real nonprofit situations. Both textbooks are in need of an update or new accompanying DVD addressing social media. The Gomes/Knowles CV/M Matrix is a promising tool for assessing program efficacy. With more application examples, can become a free-standing chapter.

Mr Steven Smith
College of Professional Studies, Northeastern University
June 25, 2011
Key features
  • In-depth treatment of most important marketing activities.

  • A clear coverage of marketing fundamentals.

  • Entire chapter dedicated to "social marketing"

  • Entire chapter dedicated to cause marketing.

  • End-of-chapter material helpful to students and instructors.

  • Plentiful international examples distributed throughout book.

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