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Open Access Publishing Options

Here at SAGE, we are seeking to make it as simple and straightforward as possible for you to find a route to publishing Open Access with our Open Access options. Browse the options below to find out more.

The Gold Route

We publish a rapidly growing list of Gold Open Access journals. All articles are rigorously peer-reviewed retaining the quality hallmarks of the academic publishing process that authors would experience in publishing in any traditional SAGE journal. Most SAGE pure gold open access journals are supported by the payment of an article processing charge (APC) by the author, institution or research funder of the accepted manuscript. For more detail visit the specific journal websites.

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The SAGE Choice program offers authors the option to make their articles freely available upon publication in most subscription-based SAGE Journals. 

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The Green Route

In our Green Open Access option you may share the Original Submission or Accepted Manuscript at any time after your paper is accepted and in any format. Find out the details here.

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SAGE Book Content Open Access Policy

Discover our Book Content Open Access policy for books published by SAGE.

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