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Personnel Selection

Personnel Selection
A Theoretical Approach

  • Neal Schmitt - Michigan State University, USA
  • David Chan - Singapore Management University, Singapore, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore

August 1998 | 392 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The purpose of the books in the Foundations for Organizational Science series is to describe what is known in a subject area, what we need to know to substantially increase our knowledge and practice, and ideas about how to go about obtaining this knowledge. The books are also targeted to graduate students in the organizational sciences. Personnel Selection offers a comprehensive, state-of-the-art look at the field of personnel selection. This book also emphasizes the role of theory in the personnel selection research, an area of organizational science that is often characterized as lacking in theoretical bases. Traditional topics, such as job analysis, performance measurement, the measurement of individual difference characteristics, the design of validation research, and the evaluation of validation data, are covered. In addition, novel ideas concerning levels of analysis issues, examinee reactions to tests, the impact of changing technology and means of communication, and globalization are also discussed. Each chapter provides detailed access to current knowledge, identifies sources that can provide further detail, and ends with a summary of the major research questions that should be addressed to advance understanding of the issues described in that chapter.

Personnel Selection Research
Importance, Research Designs and Examples

Developing Theories of KSAO-Performance Relationships
The Role of Job Analysis

The Nature of Work
Performance and Its Measurement

General Theories of Human Characteristics and KSAO-Performance Relationships
The Measurement of Job-Related Characteristics
Estimating KSAO-Performance Relationships
Implementation and Use of Theory-Based Research
The Changing Nature of Work and Implications for Research on KSAO-Performance Relationships
Programmatic Research and Theory Development
The Future


". . . contains an abundant supply of ideas for those who specialize in research, and has much to offer the practitioner also." 

Robert Fitzpatrick
Personnel Psychology

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