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Planning Local Economic Development

Planning Local Economic Development
Theory and Practice

Seventh Edition

November 2024 | 440 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Author Nancey Green Leigh brings years of academic and professional experience to this classic text, which offers a comprehensive look at the basic tenets of local economic development planning. The book explores the theories of local economic development while addressing the issues and opportunities faced by cities, towns, and local entities in crafting their economic destinies within the global economy. The new Seventh Edition is updated with an increased focus on sustainability and equity, including local economic development issues arising from the global COVID-19 pandemic and significant shifts in the global economy.

1. The Enduring Argument for Local Economic Development Planning
2. The Influence of National and State Policies on Local Economic Development
3. Concepts and Theory of Local Economic Development
4. The Local Economic Development Profession and Professionals
5. The Local Economic Development Planning Process
6. Introduction to Analytical Methods for Local Economic Development Planning
7. Local Economic Development Strategy
8. Locality Development
9. Business Development
10. Human Resource Development
11. Community Economic Development
12. Building the Implementation Plan
13. Institutional Approaches to Local Economic Development
14. Local Economic Development Planning’s Response to a Global Economy and Climate-Challenged Planet
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