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Poverty, Gender and Migration

Poverty, Gender and Migration

First Edition
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March 2006 | 260 pages | SAGE India

Transnational migration has become a distinctive aspect of globalization, manifesting the uneven and hierarchical relationships that inform it. The processes of uneven development set in motion with colonization continue to unfold with the integration of post-colonial societies into the world economy as dependent and subordinate partners. The nature, volume, and direction of migratory flows have closely corresponded with these patterns of uneven development.

This volume studies the new migratory flows among Asian women, focusing particularly on poverty and the attendant issues of powerlessness that mediate women's migration. While gender provides the conceptual tool for mapping differential experiences of social reality, by identifying poverty and migration as significant axes around which social relations and processes unfold, the volume unravels the complex layers of needs, networks and choices that come into play in poverty-driven migration. Collectively, the papers in this volume:

  • Focus on structural and ideological factors forming the contexts of migration. In this framework, the issue of 'voluntariness' of migration is repeatedly interrogated
  • Discuss those perspectives that give a determining role to economic structures, thereby reducing migration to a passive response
  • Conceptualize women's migration not merely in terms of degradation (or improvement) in women's social marginality, but as a process of restructuring of gender relations

While the papers from Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Philippines deal with international migration, those from Bangladesh and India discuss internal migration and the problems and compulsions therein. By bringing together experiences from various countries in the Asian region, both in terms of migration within the region and outward migration, the volume identifies patterns of similarity and differences within the macro-framework of the capitalist world economy and the changing patterns of labour relations. It will be of considerable interest to students and scholars in the fields of sociology, women's studies, migration studies and development studies as also to NGOs.

Series Introduction
Sadhna Arya and Anupama Roy
When Poor Women Migrate
Unraveling Issues and Concerns

Sepali Kottegoda
Bringing Home the Money
Migration and Poverty in Gender Politics in Sri Lanka

Maureen C Pagaduan
Leaving Home: Filipino Women Surviving Migration
Jagannath Adhikari
Poverty, Globalisation and Gendered Labour Migration in Nepal
Arjan de Haan
Migration,Gender and Poverty
Family as the Missing Link

Nitya Rao
Power, Culture and Resources in Gendered Seasonal Migration from Santal Parganas
Shashank Shekhar Sinha
Adivasis, Gender and Migrations
Re-Situating Women of Jharkhand

Janet Seeley et al
Just Surviving or Finding Space to Thrive? The Complexity of Internal Migration of Women in Bangladesh
Ravinder Kaur
Migrating for Work
Rewriting Gender Relations

Geetanjali Gangoli
Sex Work, Poverty and Migration in Eastern India
Svati P Shah
Solicitation, Migration and Day Wage Labour
Gender, Sexuality and Negotiating Work in the City


The issues covered are complex and challenging at the same time, filling the void in literature on the subject in various respects. What impresses the reader is the good editing, elaborate notes given at the end of each paper and an elaborate list of references (and further readings). The papers have balanced information collected and presented in qualitative terms as well as, most fitting for subjective topics such as this. The authors are drawn from a range or blend of social scientists, thereby adding to the inter-disciplinarity of the compendium. Needless to emphasise, the papers serve the purpose for which they have been published, i.e., inspiring further research and contemplation on a relatively less explored vista of gender studies. The book, therefore, is a necessary reading for all those concerned: academicians, researchers, policy makers and activists. Series editor as well as the volume editors deserves congratulation on bringing out the indispensable volume/s on the subject of gender and migration.

Journal of Social and Economic Development

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