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Principal Leadership for Racial Equity

Principal Leadership for Racial Equity
A Field Guide for Developing Race Consciousness

March 2021 | 256 pages | Corwin

INTRODUCTION: Race Matters: From Theory to Action
CHAPTER 1: Developing Myself as a Racially Conscious Leader
Chris Belmont’s Story

Theory of Action

Knowing Myself

Your Racial Autobiography

Ready to Make a Difference the Old Fashioned Way, Debbie Irving

Cycle of Socialization

Knowing my Strengths

CHAPTER 2: Discovering My Why: Essential Self Reflection for Leadership
Christina Hester’s Story

Knowing My “Why”

The Construction Process: From Stating Your Mission to Achieving Results

Single-story Perceptions: Reshaping Our Beliefs

Introducing Racial Affinity Work

CHAPTER 3: Research Reality Check: Key Frameworks for Understanding Ourselves, the System, and Best Practices in Teaching and Leading
Astein Osei’s Story

Critical Race Theory

White Fragility

Visible Learning: Part I

High Operational Practices: The Pedagogy of Confidence: Part I

CHAPTER 4: Racism at Work: Mental Models, Implicit Bias, Microaggressions, and Internalized Racism
Dr. William A. Smith’s Story

Mental Models

Racial Microaggressions and Racial Battle Fatigue

Implicit Bias

Internalized Racism

CHAPTER 5: Understanding My School/District: Unwrapping Legacies of Policy and Practice
Dr. Rhoda Miraphiri-Reed’s Story

Understanding Your School: The Data Dashboard

Student Shadowing: Lessons from a Day in the Life of a Student of Color

Retaining for Success and the Commitment to Excellence: Who’s Willing and Able?

Racist Ideas, Racist Policies

Examining Racial Problems of Practice: Case Studies

CHAPTER 6: A Principal’s Critical Duty: Knowing and Understanding High-return Instructional Strategies
Shelley Nielson’s Story

Protocol for Singleton’s Courageous Conversations

High Return Instructional Strategies: John Hattie’s Visible Learning: Part II

CHAPTER 7: Ensuring Racially Conscious Pedagogy
Maria Graver’s Story

The Impact of White Culture on Beliefs, Behavior, and Policy in Education

Culturally Relevant Teaching

High Operational Practices: Dr. Yvette Jackson’s The Pedagogy of Confidence: Part II

CHAPTER 8: The State of Things
Bias in the News: Strengthening Practice by Analyzing Leadership Actions in Current Events

Black Male Achievement

Racial Discipline Gap

Investigating the Troubling Data About Black Girls’ Discipline and Achievement: Who is to Blame?

Reflecting on Current Black Memoirs to Understand Race and Personal Experience and Develop Tools for Speaking to Parents

CHAPTER 9: Staying Engaged and Leading through Resistance and Ruination
Valeria Silva’s Story

Leading Through Resistance

Leading with a Racial Response to Global and Local Ruination


"Understanding and developing racial consciousness with principals is critical and a focus of many Boards today.  Principal Leadership for Racial Equity provides practical, realistic, and useful guidance by working readers through a series of chapters intended to develop racial consciousness and provide administrators with the tools to start work in schools. The activities engage the reader in each chapter to uncover bias and develop an understanding with the matter. The reflection questions in the chapter also provide additional learning, and are especially useful when engaged in learning with a group."

Maryam Hasan
Vice Principal, Toronto District School Board, Canada

"This book offers a compelling message of hope and steps towards inclusion for school administrators and district leaders in addressing racial equality.  This book engages in discussion and actions that move from an idea to implementation.  It is a practical guide to implement a  system in a manner that is conducive to enhancing the culture and performance of the organization."

Debra Paradowski
Associate Principal and Administrator, Arrowhead Union High School, WI

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