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Psychology of Aging

Psychology of Aging
A Concise Exploration

August 2024 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Unit 1. Myth: Older adults lose physical capabilities, become unable to see and hear, and become a burden on their family and friends.
Chapter 1. Physical Aging
Chapter 2. Sensation and Perception
Unit 2. Myth: Older adults lose their memory and intelligence, and they become unable to remember to do basic daily tasks.
Chapter 3. Attention and Mental Processing
Chapter 4. Memory
Chapter 5. Intelligence and Wisdom
Unit 3. Myth: Older adults are pushed out of social relationships and work, and ultimately become isolated from the world around them.
Chapter 6. Social Roles and Retirement
Chapter 7. Social Cognition
Unit 4. Myth: Mental illness and dementia run rampant in older populations, everyone will develop this in some way, and there is no recovering or treatment once this happens this late in life.
Chapter 8. Mental Health and Dementia
Chapter 9. Personality
Chapter 10. Stress
Unit 5. Myth: Older adults fear death and cannot cope with loss.
Chapter 11. Death and Dying

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ISBN: 9781071852163