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Publishing Journal Articles

Publishing Journal Articles

First Edition
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March 2012 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This accessible, informative and entertaining book provides practical strategies to help maximize the chances of success in getting your work published in the journal of your choice. It offers advice on vital topics such as: how to write and get the style right; what to select for publication; how to plan for success; how to cope with writer's block; working with editors and reviewers; and how to cope with rejection. It is a must-have book for anyone seeking to write for successful journal publication.

When, What and Where to Publish
Why Are You Going to Write an Article?

When Should You Write an Article?

What Should You Publish?

Where Should You Place an Article?

Selecting Your Topic/Adapting Your Work
Selecting Your Topic

Adapting Your Work

Planning and Getting Started
Spider Charts

Flow Charts


Mind Mapping

Coping with Writer's Block
Getting the Style Right
Your Writing Style

If You Are Writing in Your Second Language

The Structure of Your Article

The Abstract

The Introduction

The Article on the Page

Signposting and Structure

Presenting Technical Data

Textual Options

Concluding Your Article

The Language of Your Article

Your Readership

Writing Simply

Improving Your Style

Editing Your Article

Polishing Your Article

Learning How to Stop Writing Your Article
Why You Need to Stop

Why You Cannot Seem to Stop

Learning How to Stop

And Then Not Really Stopping

Working with Editors and Reviewers
Recovering from Rejection
Telling People

Prepare for Rejection

Use the Reviews

Make a Plan of Action

Intellectual Property Rights
Some Final Thoughts

Further Reading




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The advantage of this book compared to many others on this topic, is that on the one hand, it is very concise, simple, and in plain language; on the other hand, it covers all the stages of writing and publishing an article
Liia L
Methodspace Book Reviews Group

Maybe the strongest accolade I can give this book is that it has now become one of the core texts for the SRA’s training courses on writing research reports and publishing research... Publishing Journal Articles... holds your hand, provides practical guidance and does it with a good sense of empathy... In summary, it's well worth a read if you are new to this area.
Dr Simon Haslam
SRA: Reviews


 'Publishing Journal Articles by Lucinda Becker and Pam Denicolo is short, accessible, and useful contributions that will help readers overcome some of their own foibles. Full of suggestions, advice, tips and techniques, this short book presents writing as a series of choices to be considered. Throughout, it offers reflections based on the author’s impressive and varied experience. As part of the Success in Research series, this effort seeks to assist researchers to better organize, present, and manage their writing careers. It largely succeeds. [...]This will be a useful introduction for some and an invaluable guide for many others. The authors should be commended for finding ways to offer general tips that transcend disciplinary boundaries'

Johannes Wheeldon
LSE Review of Books

This book is jam packed full of great and usable advice written in an easy to follow and non-threatening format.

Dr Kathryn Peckham
Early Childhood, Centre for Research In Early Childhood
February 14, 2023

very practical and accessible

Ms Emma Clifton
School of Education and Training, Cornwall College
July 7, 2015

Structure of the book was attractive, but it was hard to find anything new in the content...

Dr Mikiko Cars
Department of Education, Institute of International Education, Department of Education, Stockholm University
March 24, 2015

have recommended this text to students and staff. An excellent first step to equip them with the knowledge and confidence to start publishing, very straight forward.

Mr Steven Jones
Health and social care , Edge Hill University
March 18, 2015

Final year dissertation students are given the option of writing up their dissertation in the form of a journal article. This book gives a concise guide as to the style, layout and form such a piece of work should take. I would recommend it to those seeking to write in such a style.

Mr adam choonara
Natural Sciences, Middlesex University
September 1, 2015

Great for students who want to go further with their master thesis and find their way into publishing

Dr Eva Fleischer
Social Work, Management Center Innsbruck
February 27, 2015

Good starter texts for Masters students with aspirations to publish their work

Dr Linda Barlow-Meade
Faculty of Health, Social Work & Educ, Northumbria University
February 12, 2015

This book provides an understanding of the purpose of peer review process, as well as an appreciation of the potential timeframe for a manuscript to complete the process and move toward publication

Dr Josephine Gabi
Faculty Of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University
August 21, 2015

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Chapter One

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