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Race and Society: The Essentials

Race and Society: The Essentials

First Edition

December 2020 | 152 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Race and Society: The Essentials explains the basic theories and concepts related to the sociology of race and ethnicity, covering topics such as prejudice and discrimination, immigration and assimilation, structural and institutional racism, privilege, intersectionality, color blind-racism, interracial relationships, multiracial families, biracial/multiracial identities, and indigeneity. It is designed to provide a foundation for students so they can have productive and necessary discussions about race, racism, and privilege and understand how to move towards a more racially just society. Unlike many texts for this course, it does not contain chapters on individual racial and ethnic minorities or on race within the context of social institutions. Perfect for instructors who assign other kinds of materials for their race/ethnicity courses (research monographs, journals articles, published anthologies, scholarly and trade books), or for shorter courses, this text will provide students with a solid theoretical and conceptual grounding in the field.

Chapter One: Understanding Race, Racism, and the Racial Hierarchy
Chapter Two: Immigration, Assimilation, Ethnicity, and Race
Chapter Three: Prejudice and Stereotypes
Chapter Four: Discrimination and Institutional Racism
Chapter Five: Interracial Intimacies
Chapter Six: Race in a Global Context
Key features


  • This brief text provides an authoritative and contemporary introduction to the study of race and racism, reflecting the work of contemporary scholars in the field.
  • Includes chapters on interracial intimacies and relationships, multiracial families, and biracial/multiracial identities.
  • The book concludes with a global look at race, racism, and white supremacy, and efforts to heal from racial conflicts, including reconciliation projects, restorative justice, and reparations.
  • Each chapter concludes with a section entitled, “Toward a More Racially Just Society,” to encourage readers to move from talking about race and racism to positive action.

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