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Readings and Cases in International Management

Readings and Cases in International Management
A Cross-Cultural Perspective

  • David C. Thomas - University of Victoria, Canada, Simon Fraser University, Canada

June 2003 | 400 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Rapid changes in management worldwide have clearly challenged the ability of academics to make courses in international management relevant. One of the best ways to enrich courses is to supplement textbook material with recent articles and case studies.

Readings and Cases in International Management: A Cross-Cultural Perspective is a compilation of contemporary readings and case studies that focus on managing global organizations. Intended as a companion to editor David C. Thomas' Essentials of International Management: A Cross-Cultural Perspective (SAGE, 2001), great care has been taken to select readings that do not duplicate, but supplement, material typically contained in texts on this topic. The readings and cases in this book are organized around three major themes: the basis for understanding the influence of culture on international management, the key roles that international managers play, and the important challenges that these managers face.

Designed to represent a broad geographic scope, this integrative volume includes

    • An explanation of how culture influences individual managers
    • Methods to systematically describe cultural differences
    • Fundamental principles that influence cross-cultural interactions
    • An examination of managers as communicators, negotiators, change agents, and organization builders
    • Procedures for designing effective organizational structures

Readings and Cases in International Management: A Cross-Cultural Perspective presents ways to maximize the positive effects of cultural diversity while minimizing the negative consequences. An index of key terms, teaching notes, and a quick reference guide are provided to facilitate learning in a seperate instructor's manual.

Developed as a supplement for advanced international management texts, this is also an excellent primary text for courses in organizational behavior, management, and international business.

Section I. Management and Culture
Ben L. Kedia and Ananda Mukherji
Reading 1.1 Global Managers: Developing a Mindset for Global Competitiveness
Geert Hofstede
Reading 1.2 Cultural Constraints in Management Theories
Geert Hofstede
Reading 1.3 Whatever Happened to Masculinity and Femininity?
Mzamo P. Mangaliso
Reading 1.4 Building Competitive Advantage from Ubuntu: Management Lessons from South Africa.
Richard G. Linowes
Reading 1.5 The Japanese Manager's Traumatic Entry into the United States: Understanding the American-Japanese Cultural Divide
Joyce S. Osland and Allan Bird
Reading 1.6 Beyond Sophisticated Stereotyping: Cultural Sensemaking in Context
Stephanie Weiss and David Bollier
Case 1.1 Merck & Company, Inc.: Having the Vision to Succeed
Anne T. Lawrence and Howard Tolley Jr.
Case 1.2 Unocal and the Yadana Gas Pipeline Project
Deborah Shepherd
Case 1.3 Common Bond Values at the New Zealand Office of AT&T
Gareth Evans
Case 1.4 The Road to Hell
Ronald Nigh, Ann D. Walsh, and Dahinda Meda
Case 1.5 Café Mam and ISMAM
Joseph J. DiStefano
Case 1.6 Gold Star Properties: Financial Crisis
Nina Hatvany and Vladimir Pucik
Case 1.7 Chiba International, Inc.
R. William Blake
Case 1.8 Footwear International
Section II. Roles of the International Manager
Thomas Donaldson
Reading 2.1 Values in Tension: Ethics away from Home
Paul F. Buller, John J. Kohls, and Kenneth S. Anderson
Reading 2.2 When Ethics Collide: Managing Conflicts across Cultures
Edward T. Hall and Mildred Reed Hall
Reading 2.3 Key Concepts: Underlying Structures of Culture
Pervez Ghauri and Tony Fang
Reading 2.4 Negotiating with the Chinese: A Socio-Cultural Analysis
Sheila M. Puffer
Reading 2.5 Understanding the Bear: A Portrait of Russian Business Leaders
Snejina Michailova
Reading 2.6 Contrasts in Culture: Russian and Western Perspectives on
Organizational Change
Reading 2.6 Contrasts in Culture: Russian and Western Perspectives on Organizational Change
Rebecca J. Morris and Anne T. Lawrence
Case 2.1 Nike's Dispute with the University of Oregon
Asbjorn Osland
Case 2.2 How Much Sleaze is Too Much?
Patricia Gercik
Case 2.3 Moto: Coming to America
Xiaohua Lin and Jian Guan
Case 2.4 Negotiating across the Pacific
Travis Maples and Penelope B. Prime
Case 2.5 Consolidated Engineering Co. Goes to China
David C. Thomas
Case 2.6 Kiwi Samurai: The Secure Fit Industries in Japan
Stanislav V. Shekshnia and Sheila M. Puffer
Case 2.7 Rus Wane Equipment: Joint Venture in Russia (A) and (B)
Section III. International Management Challenges
Anthony M. Townsend, Samuel M. DeMarie, and Anthony R. Hendrickson
Reading 3.1 Virtual Teams: Technology and the Workplace of the Future
Cristina B. Gibson and Mary E. Zellmer-Bruhn
Reading 3.2 Minding Your Metaphors: Applying the Concept of Teamwork Metaphors to the Management of Teams in Multicultural Contexts
Manuel G. Serapio Jr. and Wayne F. Cascio
Reading 3.3 End Games in International Alliances
James P. Walsh, ErPing Wang, and Katherine R. Xin
Reading 3.4 Same Bed, Different Dreams: Working Relationships in Sino-American Joint Ventures
Glenn M. McEvoy and Barbara Parker
Reading 3.5 The Contemporary International Assignment: A Look at the Options
Kerr Inkson, Michael B. Arthur, Judith Pringle, and Sean Barry
Reading 3.6 Expatriate Assignments Versus Overseas Experience: Contrasting Models of International Human Resource Development
Anne Marie Francesco
Case 3.1 Team Spirit at Sino-American Shanghai Squibb (SASS)
Joseph J. DiStefano
Case 3.2 Johannes van den Bosch Sends an Email; Johannes van den Bosch Receives a Reply.
Anne Marie Francesco
Case 3.3 Mass Merger: The Case of AON Singapore
Asbjorn Osland
Case 3.4 The Role of the Area Manager
J. Bonner Ritchie and Alan Hawkins
Case 3.5 Catskill Roads
Günter K. Stahl and Mark E. Mendenhall
Case 3.6 Andreas Weber's Reward for Success in an Expatriate Assignment - a Return to an Uncertain Future

Book fits, as the author noted, as a good supplement to IM courses.

Mr Christopher Weilage
MBA full-time, munich business school
January 17, 2014

Very interesting collection of readings and cases, but not suitable for this particular course.

Ms Nicola Bartlett
Wirtschaft, Language +
September 7, 2013

Instructor decided not to adopt this issue. No reason given.

Ms Kym Kelley
Statewide, Purdue University College of Technology-Anderson
June 5, 2013

I like this book, it is good to use for students to engage in cases for class exercises. It is highly recommended for supplementary materials for courses like international management and cross-cultural management.

Dr Norhayati Zakaria
School of Administrative & Financial Services, Saudi Electronic University
March 26, 2013

Will suggest students to read it as a supplement text. I really like the text as it is insightful. Have used some of the material for class discussion.

Dr Norhayati Zakaria
Faculty of Business and Management, University of Wollongong in Dubai
December 28, 2011

A useful text to provide supplementary case study work for MBA students

Dr Jill Aylott
Faculty of Health & Wellbeing, Sheffield Hallam University
July 25, 2011

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