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Research Methods in Sport

Research Methods in Sport

Second Edition

December 2017 | 216 pages | Learning Matters

Packed full of essential tools and tips, this second edition is your quick-start guide to undertaking research within real world of sport. Using clear, accessible language, Smith maps an easy-to-follow journey through the research process, drawing upon the most up-to-date evidence and resources to help you select the most appropriate research approach for your project. Throughout the book you will discover:

  • Key points that highlight important definitions and theories;
  • Reflection points to help you make connections between key concepts and your research;
  • Learning activities to put your newfound knowledge into practice;
  • Further reading to explore the wider context of sport research in the real world.

Featuring over thirty-five case studies of students’ and academics’ research in practice, this book is the perfect guide-by-your-side to have during your own sport research. 

Chapter 1: The context of sport research
Chapter 2: Selecting an appropriate research strategy
Chapter 3: Systematic review research strategy
Chapter 4: Experimental research strategy
Chapter 5: Correlational research strategy
Chapter 6: Survey research strategy
Chapter 7: Observational research strategy
Chapter 8: Case study research strategy
Chapter 9: Ethnographic research strategy
Chapter 10: A mixed-research approach to sport

Students of sport often doubt the value of research. This book works to change that mindset. It explains what research is, how sports research is done, and shows how research in sport advances the discipline. 

John Bidewell
School of Science and Health, Western Sydney University

Needed something to bring Sports examples to my research methods class. some of the language is used differently than in the other textbook, which confused the students, but as a standalone it does not quite have enough detail. It is a very good introduction to use first.

Dr Sarah Busse Spencer
Business Administration, Augustana University
July 17, 2019

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