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Researching Health

Researching Health
Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods

Third Edition
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April 2019 | 608 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Saks and Allsop's Researching Health offers a comprehensive introduction to research methods for health care students and practitioners. The new third edition includes important theoretical updates, and further international content, with contributors from the UK, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Canada and Spain, covering a number of specialisms and providing perspectives on core topics.

There are 6 NEW chapters on:

  • Principles of Health Research
  • Methods of Sampling in Qualitative Health Research
  • Qualitative Data Analysis and Health Research
  • Researching Health Care Management Using Secondary Data
  • Online Research in Health
  • Disseminating and Evaluating Health Research

The book is supported by case studies, end-of-chapter exercises, annotated further reading, and access to online resources for both students and lecturers, consisting of SAGE journal articles, web links, PowerPoint slides, and teaching notes for each chapter.

Part I: Conducting Health Research
Mike Saks and Judith Allsop
Chapter 1: Introduction to Researching Health
Judith Allsop and Mike Saks
Chapter 2: Principles of Health Research
Judith Allsop
Chapter 3: Strategies for Health Research
Kathryn Jones
Chapter 4: Doing a Literature Review in Health
Part II: Qualitative Methods and Health
Lara Maestripieri, Arianna Radin and Elena Spina
Chapter 5: Methods of Sampling in Qualitative Health Research
Andy Alaszewski
Chapter 6: Using Documents in Health Research
Jacqueline Low
Chapter 7: Unstructured and Semi-structured Interviews in Health Research
David Hughes
Chapter 8: Participant Observation in Health Research
Judith Green
Chapter 9: The Use of Focus Groups in Health Research
Heather Waterman
Chapter 10: Action Research and Health
Miwako Hosoda
Chapter 11: Qualitative Data Analysis in Health Research
Part III: Quantitative Methods and Health
Nichola Shackleton, Martin Von Randow and Lara Greaves
Chapter 12: Methods of Sampling in Quantitative Health Research
Michael Calnan
Chapter 13: Quantitative Survey Methods in Health Research
George Lewith and Paul Little
Chapter 14: Randomized Controlled Trials
A. Niroshan Siriwardena
Chapter 15: Experimental Methods in Health Research
Steve Parrott and Alan Maynard
Chapter 16: The Use of Economics in Health Research
George Argyrous
Chapter 17: Quantitative Data Analysis
Ian Kirkpatrick and Gianluca Veronesi
Chapter 18: Researching Health Care Management Using Secondary Data
Part IV: Issues in Health Research
Priscilla Alderson
Chapter 19: Ethics in Health Research
Teresa Carvalho and Tiago Correia
Chapter 20: Identity and Health Research
Anneliese Synnot
Chapter 21: Public Involvement in Health Research
Viola Burau
Chapter 22: Comparative Health Research
Paul Williams and Janet Lum
Chapter 23: Interdisciplinary Research in Health Care
Jonathan Tritter
Chapter 24: Mixed Methods in Health Research
Denis Anthony
Chapter 25: Online Research in Health
Part V: Applying Health Research
Judith Allsop and Mike Saks
Chapter 26: Health Research: Proposals, Planning and Writing Up
Mike Saks and Judith Allsop
Chapter 27: Disseminating and Evaluating Health Research


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For lecturers

  • Teaching Notes to help facilitate discussion in class.
  • PowerPoints Slides featuring figures, tables and key topics from the book.

For students:

  • Chapter Summaries for each chapter.
  • Free access to selected SAGE Journal articles
  • Web links to relevant resources that will broaden understanding of chapter topics
  • A Dataset for Chapter 17
  • Key Concepts to strengthen understanding of key terms that appear in the book.

Researching Health is a coherent and comprehensive guide to conducting research within the health and social sciences.  The third edition successfully guides the reader through a range of methodologies and methods – unpacking complex theoretical positions to address contemporary issues in health research.  The interdisciplinary and international contributions add significant value to this excellent research text.

Dr Grace Spencer, Ruskin Fellow, Anglia Ruskin University

A well-written, precise research text for health researchers, perfect reading for those who want to know more about the conundrums of the research process. A comprehensive text for first-time researchers and a handy reference book for more experienced researchers. The breadth and scope of the book does great justice to the demands of contemporary health research.

Mrs Leena Panicker, Lecturer, Charles Darwin University

Saks and Allsop have brought together some of the most pivotal health researchers to provide an authoritative textbook. There are a number of new chapters in this current edition providing contemporary knowledge essential for understanding the current context of healthcare. The book is essential reading for students, researchers, healthcare professionals and anyone interested in using evidence to enhance patient care.

Dr Penelope Stanford, Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester

A good introductory text

Dr Maria Fitzgerald
London School of Osteopathy, London School of Osteopathy
November 5, 2019

This textbook takes a refreshing look at mixed methods in different health arenas, which is useful for allied health professionals at undergraduate and masters postgraduate level. The additional depth of focus on mixed methods approaches is welcome as we move forward into more complex ways of investigating health from wider perspectives.

Dr Simone Coetzee
Department of Health & Human Sciences, Essex University
May 7, 2020

Useful comprehensive text

Dr Ivan Gee
Faculty of Education, Health & Community, Liverpool John Moores University
September 3, 2019

Very useful with a comprehensive account of research methods

Mrs Michele Ponting
Access to Higher Education, Portslade Aldridge Community Academy
September 30, 2020

Researching health; qualitative,, quantitative and mixed methods is the ‘go-to’ textbook for the novice health researcher. The 2013-second edition of this title was good. However, the third edition has been comprehensively updated with several new chapters. The text is authoritative yet highly readable. The ‘info-boxes, exercises and case studies help to contextualise the many stages of the research process.

Dr Ruth Hopkins
Health and Human Sciences, Swansea University
June 11, 2019

This book gives a good insight into the different aspects of research. This knowledge is required by both medical students and public health trainees.

Dr Sarah Cuschieri
Health, University of Malta
February 28, 2020

Great support for students carrying out their dissertations in healthcare.

Mrs Kate Straughton
Inst of Health & Society, Worcester University
July 18, 2019