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Rethinking Los Angeles

Rethinking Los Angeles

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August 1996 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Los Angeles region is increasingly held up as a prototype--for good or ill--of our collective urban future; however, it is probably the least understood and most under-studied major city in the United States. Very few people beyond the boundaries of Southern California have an accurate appreciation of what the region is, who lives there, and what it does. This collection of essays brings together some important voices to dispel the myths about Southern California and to begin the process of rethinking Los Angeles. This important volume seeks to go beyond the "rebuilding" literature and explore the multiple meanings of Los Angeles, fuse theory and method into a new vision of an urban reality, break with the traditional boundaries of urban analysis, and account for the complexities of the regional megacity. Editors Michael J. Dear, H. Eric Schockman, and Greg Hise have assembled a groundbreaking volume that will be of interest to scholars and students of urban studies and American culture. Tentative contents

Robbert Flick
On Pico Boulevard Looking North

Greg Hise, Michael J Dear and H Eric Schockman
Rethinking Los Angeles
Steven B Sample
Los Angeles in the 21st Century
Robbert Flick in conversation with Michael J Dear
Representing Los Angeles
Paul C Hudson
The Inner City `Problem'
Stuart A Gabriel
Remaking the Los Angeles Economy
Cyclical Fluctuations and Structural Evolution

Jacquelyn Dupont-Walker
Economic Referendum
Gary A Dymski and John M Veitch
Financing the Future in Los Angeles
From Depression to the 21st Century

Abby J Liebman
Accountability and Responsiveness
H Eric Schockman
Is Los Angeles Governable?
Revisiting the City Charter

Mark Kroeker
Community Policing
Harlan Hahn
Los Angeles and the Future
Uprisings, Identity and New Institutions

Leo Braudy
Hollywood, USA
Alida Brill
Lakewood, California
`Tomorroland' at 40


Todd Boyd
A Small Introduction to the `G' Funk Era
Gangsta Rap and Black Masculinity in Contemporary Los Angeles

Rubén Martínez
Edward J W Park
Our LA? Korean Americans in Los Angeles after the Civil Unrest
Eloise Klein Hardy
Laura Pulido
Multiracial Organizing Among Environmental Justice Activists in Los Angeles
Lilian Kawasaki
Environment, Economy, Equality
Guilbert C Hentschke
Radical Reform versus Professional Reform in American Schools
The View from Southern California

William Loos
The Health Care Crisis
Robert E Tranquada
The Health Care Conundrum
Margaret Crawford
Remaking the City
Genevieve Giuliano
Transporting Los Angeles
The Reverend Cecil Murray
`Can't We All Get Along?'
Robert Fishman
Re-Imagining Los Angeles

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ISBN: 9780803972872