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Rhetoric, Reason and Society

Rhetoric, Reason and Society
Rationality as Dialogue

January 1995 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
What are the relationships between knowledge, expertise, and participatory dialogue? How is "the good life" connected to rationality? In what way is thinking dialogical and rhetorical? This original and perceptive text addresses these and other questions, offering a broad-ranging synthesis of diverse theories to show how reason, dialogue, and communication are inextricably linked. George Myerson provides a sustained discussion of contemporary theories concerning the models of rational dialogue and cultural difference. His analysis, starting with a deep reading of Habermas and Putnam, is enriched by illuminating treatments of key thinkers including Giddens, Fraser, Rawls, Billig, Elster, Lyotard, Nussbaum, Rorty, Harraway, Lloyd, Benhabib, and Bookchin. Rhetoric, Reason, and Society is a distinctive and practical introduction to interpreting these theoretical arguments. This fascinating work will be of interest to students and scholars in social, cultural, and political theory; philosophy; social psychology; communication; and the humanities.

Rationalism Turns to Dialogue
Resituating Reason
Argument in Theory
Arguing `the Good Life'
Landscapes of Rationalism and Postmodernism
Dialogic Rationalism and Dialogic Relativism
A Culture of Intellectual Encouragement


`George Myerson has produced a lively argument for the dialogical nature of reason. In presenting his own viewpoint, and in taking decisive issue with Habermas and others, Myerson himself persuasively demonstrates the virtues of clarity, scholarship and reasoned debate' - Michael Billig, University of Loughborough

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ISBN: 9780803978669