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Serious and Violent Juvenile Offenders

Serious and Violent Juvenile Offenders
Risk Factors and Successful Interventions

Edited by:
  • Rolf Loeber - University of Pittsburgh, USA, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, USA
  • David P. Farrington - Cambridge University, UK, University of Cambridge, UK & University of Maryland, USA

January 1998 | 533 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Detailed and comprehensive, Serious and Violent Juvenile Offenders presents authoritative discussions by a select group of leading scholars on issues surrounding serious and violent juvenile offenders. This population is responsible for a disproportionate percentage of all crime and poses the greatest challenge to juvenile justice policymakers. Under the skillful editorship of Rolf Loeber and David P. Farrington, this unique volume integrates knowledge about risk and protective factors with information about intervention and prevention programs so that conclusions from each area can inform the other. Current literature on these two areas does not, for the most part, apply directly to serious and violent juvenile offenders. This volume contends that serious and violent juvenile offenders tend to start displaying behavior problems and delinquency early in life, warranting early intervention. It is the contributors' thesis that prevention is never too early. They also maintain, however, that interventions for serious and violent juvenile offenders can never be too late in that effective interventions exist for known serious and violent juvenile offenders.

Augmented by charts, tables, graphs, figures, and an extensive bibliography, Serious and Violent Juvenile Offenders is an excellent reference work and a must read for policy and lawmakers, judges, attorneys, law enforcement personnel, education administrators, researchers, academics, social workers, sociologists, as well as graduate students and interns.

Rolf Loeber and David P Farrington
James Q Wilson
Preface 1
Lloyd E Ohlin
Preface 2
David P Farrington and Rolf Loeber
Major Aims of the Book
Rolf Loeber, David P Farrington and Daviel A Waschbusch
Serious and Violent Juvenile Offenders
Darnell Hawkins, John H Laub and Janet Lauritsen
Race and Ethnicity and Serious Juvenil Offenders
David Huizinga and Cynthia Jakob-Chien
The Contemporaneous Co-Occurrence of Serious and Violent Juvenile Offending and Other Problems
Patrick H Tolan and Deborah Gorman-Smith
Development of Serious and Violent Offending Careers
Mark W Lipsey and James H Derzon
Predictors of Violent or Serious Delinquency in Adolescence and Early Adulthood
A Synthesis of Longitudinal Research

J David Hawkins et al
A Review of Predictors of Youth Violence
Terence P Thornberry
Membership in Youth Gangs and Involvement in Serious and Violent Offenders
Marc Le Blanc
Screening of Serious/Violent Juvenile Offenders
Identification, Classification and Prediction

Gail A Wasserman and Laurie S Miller
The Prevention of Serious and Violent Juvenile Offending
Richard F Catalano et al
Comprehensive Community and School-Based Interventions to Prevent Antisocial Behavior
James C Howell
Promising Programs for Youth Gang Violence Prevention and Intervention
Mark W Lipsey and David B Wilson
Effective Intervention for Serious Juvenile Offenders
Barry Krisberg and James C Howell
The Impact of the Juvenile Justice System and Prospects for Graduated Sanctions in a Comprehensive Strategy
David M Altschuler
Intermediate Sanctions and Community Treatment of Serious and Violent Juvenile Offenders
Nancy G Guerra
Serious Violent Juvenile Offenders
Gaps in Knowledge and Research Priorities

Rolf Loeber and David P Farrington
Conclusions and the Way Forward

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