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Sexual Exploitation

Sexual Exploitation
Rape, Child Sexual Abuse, and Workplace Harassment

Volume: 155

October 1984 | 303 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"In every field there are a few conceptual thinkers who are able to compile what is known about a subject in ways that advance us to the next level of knowledge. Diana Russell is such a scholar, and this book represents such a step. By presenting the findings from her own ground-breaking research on the prevalence of rape and child sexual abuse in the context of the major causative theories of our time, she has provided an unparalleled synthesis of the magnitude and causes of sexual exploitation. This book represents an eloquent diagnosis of an untreated societal disease of epidemic proportions." --Kee MacFarlane, Director, Child Sexual Abuse Diagnostic Center, Children's Institute International, Los Angeles "The discussion . . . on the causes of child sexual abuse is the best I have seen. It is clear that this abuse is going to occupy considerably more attention than it has done previously. Russell's analysis should establish itself as an essential source for all who work in the area, or think about it." --Annual Survey of Family Law "Offers (along with an extensive review of the literature on all three forms of exploitation and a feminist critique of non-feminist work in the field) . . . a substantial and fascinating body of information about women's experience of rape and sexual abuse. . . . Well worth reading." --The Women's Review of Books "Challenges us to face the fact that this culture's notion of masculinity--particularly as it is applied to sexuality--predisposes men to violence, to rape, to sexual harassment, and to the sexual abuse of children. . . . Russell establishes sexual victimization as a unitary phenomenon with several interrelated manifestations that are linked by their causal commonalities. This, in itself, is a new and important contribution to our understanding of the problem. However, Russell does not stop here. She uses this perspective to illuminate a primary causal factor that cuts to the core of sexual abuse--a factor that, as a society, we are reluctant to see--perhaps because its implications are too threatening to the current social order." --Response "A powerful statement on the truly epidemic proportions of rape and other forms of sexual exploitation." --Lynda Lytle Holmstrom, Professor of Sociology, Boston College "Diana E.H. Russell's superb analysis of empirical research on several forms of sexual exploitation is as insightful as it is comprehensive. Including the important new information from her own unparalleled study, Russell's critical synthesis doubles as a reference update and a stimulating yet balanced contribution to the debate on sexuality and violence." --Catharine A. MacKinnon, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota Law School "An impressive reference book for students new to the subject area of sexual exploitation and its prevalence and incidence. . . . Diana Russell's book is important. It provides a basis from which I hope, others will start to analyze the links between sexual exploitation and patriarchal attitudes in our society. In the process, many of the myths surrounding sexual exploitation may be shattered once and for all." --Youth & Policy "Because of all the literature she has integrated, Russell's book is an invaluable resource. Her survey on sexual assault is the best that's been done. With this book, the impressive findings from that survey are finally available to the public and professionals. Russell convincingly shows that sexual exploitation occurs in mammoth proportions, and she presents the first hard data to answer dozens of questions that up until now have only been the subject of heated debate. This is a giant step forward in our accumulation of knowledge about rape, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment." --David Finkelhor, University of New Hampshire

The Incidence and Prevalence of Rape
Male Rape and Female Rapists
Social Characteristics of Rape Victims and Rapists
Psychological Chararcteristics of Rapists
Factors Creating a Predisposition to Rape
Factors Reducing Internal Inhibitions Against Rape
Factors Reducing Social Inhibitions Against Rape
Factors Reducing Potential Victim's Ability to Avoid Rape
Child Sexual Abuse and the Law
The Incidence and Prevalence of Child Sexual Abuse
The Gender Gap Among Perpetrators of Child Sexual Abuse
Factors Creating Sexual Feelings Toward Children
Factors Reducing Internal Inhibitions Against Child Sexual Abuse
Factors Reducing Social Inhibitions Against Child Sexual Abuse
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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