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Sociology in Action Free Activities

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Try these free Sociology in Action activities in your class

Sociology in Action, Third Edition, edited by: Kathleen Odell Korgen and Maxine P. Atkinson, includes everything you need to get students doing sociology through real-world activities designed to increase learning, retention, and engagement. Each chapter is contributed by an expert and experienced teacher in that area who uses active learning in their courses.

Below, we have selected a few exercises for you to try with your students. We hope you enjoy teaching with these! 


Activity 1: Conflict Theory and Student Athletes

Doing Sociology 2.2 Conflict Theory and Student Athletes

In this activity, you will apply conflict theory to analyze pay for student athletes.NCAA regulations have traditionally limited the ways student athletes can profit from their participation in sports at their colleges and universities—even if they belong to one of the programs that collects millions of dollars in television fees and other revenues. In 2021, the NCAA changed some of these regulations...more.

Activity 2: Identifying Deviance Neutralizations

Doing Sociology 6.4 Identifying Deviance Neutralizations

In this exercise, you will examine respondent quotes from Alexander and Opsal’s (2021) research on hazing among college students, identify the techniques of neutralization they use, and consider why they attempt to neutralize the deviance of hazing...more.

Activity 3: Media and Gender and Sexual Identities

Doing Sociology 8.3 Media and Gender and Sexual Identities

In this activity, you will consider how we create our gender and sexual identities amid the media we consume.Write answers to the following questions...more.

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