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Sociology of Education

Sociology of Education

Second Edition

April 2020 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This textbook explains the basic principles of sociology and how a sociological understanding is vital for understanding how ideas about education and schooling have developed over time and how these issues directly affect our own lives today.

This fully updated second edition will encourage students to think critically about hotly contested debates in education and what has influenced different perspectives on these issues.

New to this edition:

·        Two new chapters on early approaches to sociological research and social class and social mobility

·        A new case study feature throughout the book

·        Enhanced coverage of recent education policy, child poverty, political extremism and the politics of independent and grammar schools.

This is essential reading for students on undergraduate Education Studies degrees, and for sociology courses covering educational issues.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Early Sociology of Education
Chapter 3: Early Approaches to Sociological Research
Chapter 4: Developments in Sociology of Education
Chapter 5: Critical and Radical Pedagogies
Chapter 6: Differential Educational Attainment and the Debate about Intelligence
Chapter 7: Social Class and Social Mobility
Chapter 8: Multiculturalism, race and power
Chapter 9: Re-imaniging Gender Roles
Chapter 10: Inclusion: Disability and Special Educational Needs
Chapter 11: The Social Construction of Childhood
Chapter 12: Education Policy
Chapter 13: Young People and Pupil Voice
Chapter 14: Transformations

This remains a key textbook in Sociology of Education studies within undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The authors continue to increase understandings of the complexity of educational sociology in domestic and  international contexts. Boronski and Hassan should be praised again for this undertaking and the second edition is both necessary and welcome.

Dr. Richard Race
Senior Lecturer in Education, Roehampton University, UK

This is a superb textbook that is engaging, clearly written and well-structured with the student reader firmly in mind.  Wide-ranging in scope, it is steeped in the scholarly literature, situating the study and concerns of education within a rich, dynamic and up-to-date sociological context. This is a must-read for students and lecturers alike.

Dr Ayo Mansaray
King’s College London, UK

I use the book in my own research and in the reading list for socilogy of education.

Mr Hassan Sharif
Department of Education, Uppsala University
February 13, 2020

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