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Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics Electronic Version

Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics Electronic Version
Excel 2010 Edition

Third Edition

November 2012 | 1 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Part I. Yippee! I'm in Statistics
Chapter 1. Statistics or Sadistics?: It's Up to You
Part II. Sigma Freud and Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 2. Computing and Understanding Averages: Means to an End
Chapter 3. Vive la Difference: Understanding Variability
Chapter 4. A Picture Really Is Worth a Thousand Words
Chapter 5. Ice Cream and Crime: Computing Correlation Coefficients
Chapter 6. Just the Truth: An Introduction to Understanding Reliability and Validity
Part III. Taking Chances for Fun and Profit:
Chapter 7. Hypotheticals and You: Testing Your Questions
Chapter 8. Are Your Curves Normal?: Probability and Why It Counts
Part IV. Significantly Different: Using Inferential Statistics
Chapter 9. Significantly Significant: What It Means for You and Me
Chapter 10. Only the Lonely: The One Sample Z Test
Chapter 11. T(ea) for Two: Tests Between the Means of Different Groups
Chapter 12. T(ea) for Two (Again): Tests Between the Means of Related Groups
Chapter 13. Two Groups Too Many?: Try Analysis of Variance
Chapter 14. Two Too Many Factors: Factorial Analysis of Variance: A Brief Introduction
Chapter 15. Cousins or Just Good Friends?: Testing Relationships Using the Correlation Coefficient
Chapter 16. Predicting Who'll Win the Super Bowl: Using Linear Regression
Chapter 17. What to Do When You're Not Normal: Chi-Square and Some Other Nonparametric Tests
Chapter 18. Some Other (Important) Statistical Procedures You Should Know About
Chapter 19. A Statistical Software Sampler
Part V. Ten Things You'll Want to Know and Remember
Chapter 20. The Ten (or More) Best (and Most Fun) Internet Sites for Statistics Stuff
Chapter 21. The Ten Commandments of Data Collection
Appendix A. Excel-erate Your Learning: All You Need to Know About Excel
Appendix B. Tables
Appendix C. Data Sets
Appendix D. Answers to End of Chapter Questions
Appendix E. The Reward: The Brownie Recipe

Best stats book for UGs who are scared of stats.

Dr Ryan Getty
Social Work Soc Crim Just Dept, Tarleton State University
August 13, 2013

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