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Strategic Staffing

Strategic Staffing

Fifth Edition

May 2023 | 632 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Formerly published by Chicago Business Press, now published by Sage

Strategic Staffing equips both current and future managers with the knowledge and skills to adopt a strategic and contemporary approach to talent identification, attraction, selection, deployment, and retention. Grounded in research, this text covers modern staffing concepts and practices in an engaging and reader-friendly format. Author Jean Phillips expertly guides students in developing a staffing strategy that aligns with business objectives, accurately forecasting talent needs, conducting thorough job or competency analysis, and strategically sourcing potential recruits. The Fifth Edition includes the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on staffing needs worldwide, new coverage of staffing-related technologies, and updated examples throughout, providing students with the latest and most relevant knowledge in the field.

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Part 1 The Staffing Context and Job Analysis
Chapter 1 Strategic Staffing
Chapter 2 Business and Staffing Strategies
Chapter 3 The Legal Context
Chapter 4 Strategic Job Analysis and Competency Modeling
Part 2 Planning, Sourcing, and Recruiting
Chapter 5 Forecasting and Planning
Chapter 6 Sourcing: Identifying Recruits
Chapter 7 External Recruiting
Part 3 Selecting
Chapter 8 Measurement
Chapter 9 Assessing External Candidates
Chapter 10 Recruiting and Assessing Internal Candidates
Part 4 Managing the Staffing System
Chapter 11 Choosing and Hiring Candidates
Chapter 12 Managing Workforce Flow
Chapter 13 Staffing System Evaluation and Technology


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Textbook meets course learning objectives.

Professor Thomas Andrew Cinti
Business Administration Div, Holy Family University
March 9, 2024
Key features
  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the ongoing staffing needs and practices of employers worldwide is discussed throughout.
  • The end-of-chapter exercises are now organized into two groups, “Staffing Strategy” and “Developing Your Staffing Skills,” with revised and new exercises added.
  • New coverage of staffing metrics and analytics in each chapter.
  • New coverage of staffing-related technologies in each chapter.
  • Updated citations, statistics, and company examples throughout the text.
  • New activities are provided in the Instructor’s Manual.
  • Learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter provide an advance road map of the material covered in the chapter.
  • Each chapter leads off with a Staffing Challenge that describes a staffing challenge faced by a real organization. At the end of the chapter, the Staffing Challenge Response integrates the relevant staffing concepts that the company used to address the challenge.
  • Every chapter has a Develop Your Staffing Skills feature that extends a topic in the chapter and develops a personal skill related to staffing.
  • Discussion questions at the end of each chapter provide the opportunity to check the reader’s understanding of the chapter content.
  • A brief case study at the end of each chapter encourages problem-solving and the application of chapter material by stimulating in-class discussions or focusing on individual solutions.
  • Three interactive exercises at the end of each chapter bring the material to life.
  • Develop Your Staffing Skills and Staffing Strategically feature integrates the chapter’s staffing concepts with business strategy.
  • A book-long active learning project applies the breadth of the textbook material to a specific job in an organization. This active learning project develops strategic staffing skills, in addition to developing tacit knowledge about the strategic staffing process.
  • Videos of eight structured and eight unstructured interviews of eight job candidates for employment at an upscale department store are available for stand-alone use as examples or as part of a learning activity.

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