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Succeeding on your Primary PGCE

Succeeding on your Primary PGCE

September 2010 | 136 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Studying for a Primary Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) can be demanding, but this book will help you to succeed on this intensive and challenging course.

By showing you how to make the most of your time on the PGCE, the book encourages you to take a positive and proactive approach to your studies, and to reflect on and learn from your experiences. Packed with advice on how to make the most of your lectures, tutorials, assignments, placements, and time spent with teachers, the book highlights the need for reflection, professionalism, and strong personal commitment if you are to become a good teacher.

Designed to help you throughout the course, chapters cover:

  • Using the time before you start the course to get a head start
  • Making the most of your time on placements
  • Being reflective
  • Developing your own personal philosophy for teaching
  • Applying for, and getting, your first job

This is an indispensable guide for those embarking on a Primary PGCE, and offers those considering applying for the course an invaluable insight into what to expect and how to get onto a PGCE. The advice is based on the authors' successful work with thousands of trainee teachers over many years, and there are case studies of successful students and students who struggled. This book is a lifeline for those working hard towards the ultimate goal of becoming a great teacher.

Graham Birrell
So You Want to be a Primary Teacher?
Graham Birrell
Making the Most of your Time Before the Course Begins
Helen Taylor
Making the Most of your Time in School: Preparation and Organisation
Helen Taylor
Making the Most of your Time in School: Learning and Teaching
Hellen Ward
Being Academic
Graham Birrell
Being Positive
William Stow
Being Reflective
Hellen Ward
Getting a Job
Helen Taylor
Succeeding on your Induction
Hellen Ward
Appendix: Getting on a Primary PGCE
Glossary and Useful Websites

'If I'd had this book handy during my PGCE, I wouldn't have hit the panic button as much! It highlights the importance of being positive, and approaching teaching with the right attitude. There were many times during my PGCE when I wondered if I might be having it 'harder' than other students. The questions and case studies here would have eased any worries or concerns that I had. Teaching throws up so many questions! This book answers them in a fun, interesting and enjoyable way' - Dan Port, Primary School Teacher

'I would advise all prospective PGCE students to read this book. It highlights that the PGCE course is not there to give you tips for teaching, but to help you develop along the way after observing, recording, reading and learning for yourself about the world of teaching. Helpful throughout the PGCE year, it covers writing critically, finding a job, the interview process and more, making you realize what the next nine months will entail' - Kerry Crane, Primary School Teacher

A good introduction in what to expect before you consider or start your PGCE.

Mr Peter Craig Bergelin
Accounting, Coleg Y Cymoedd (Ystrad Mynach)
October 19, 2022

This book was very effective when dealing with changing mindset of a student who was finding it difficult to engage with the course (PGCE).

Mrs Kulwinder Maude
School of Education, Kingston University
January 2, 2018

good for our PE specialists want-to-be's considering a PGCE after their PE/Coaching degree

Mr Pete Holmes
School Of Humanities, Edu, Sport & Socia, Doncaster College
September 1, 2014

Many of the Foundation degree students progress onto a PGCE. This text has very useful case studies and encourages the students to be reflective practitioners.

Mrs Jean Bourne
Community Studies, Herefordshire College of Technology
July 19, 2011