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Supporting Speech, Language & Communication Needs

Supporting Speech, Language & Communication Needs
Working with Students Aged 11 to 19

October 2008 | 144 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Designed for all those who support older children and young adults with speech and language difficulties, this resource provides ideas, practical strategies and detailed information about the speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) of older students.

Included in the book are the following:

- clear explanations of the difficulties you might see students experiencing

- practical strategies to use when working with individuals, and small groups of students

- advice on how to adapt the curriculum to suit students' individual needs

- case studies illustrating common areas of difficulty

- guidance on how to plan for effective multi-disciplinary working

- a CD-Rom containing lots of useful photocopiables, and training materials

Both authors have over 20 years experience of delivering courses to teachers, Special Needs Co-ordinators (SENCOs) and Specialist Outreach teachers in different local authorities, further education colleges and university departments.

Kate Ripley is an Educational Psychologist, trainer and national and international conference speaker on themes related to speech, language and communication needs. Jenny Barrett is a Speech and Language Therapist with internationally recognised expertise in her field, who now works as a freelance consultant.

Speech, Language and Communication Impairment Explained
Understanding Comprehension
Memory and SLCN/Remembering Memory
Thinking Language - The Role of Language in Thinking and Strategies to Support Thinking Skills
Speech Problems in the Teenage Years and Beyond - Clear about Speech
Expressive Language/Talking about Language
Social Communication Skills/Socially Speaking
Language and Behaviour
The Assessment of SLCN

'This book is like a 12-week speech and language therapy training course for education staff, crammed into a nicely presented package which is easy to read and dip into. I will not hesitate to recommend it to school staff as a 'crash course' in supporting secondary pupils with SLCN - an excellent resource that should be in every staffroom' -

'This book will make a valuable conntribution to the area of meeting the needs of pupils with SLCN in post primary settings and...would be of significant benefit to teachers and other practitioners in the field including parents, educational psychologists and speech and language therapists, as it identifies the common ground on which they all can operate'
- Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs

'This excellent book is aimed specifically at professionals who are supporting older children and young people (ages 11-19) experiencing speech, language and communication difficulties (SLCN)...SENCOs, specialist teachers working in schools and support services, and special school outreach teachers will find this to be an invaluable resource' -
SENCO Update

'You can't go wrong with this book if you are working with pupils with SLCN at secondary level as it is a mine of information and advice, all of which is easy to follow and take on board. I also think it is useful for specialist professionals to use in their training. I shall certainly be doing so' - Glinette Woods, Special Advisory Teacher, in NAPLIC

'This book will be highly useful to practitioners in educational contexts who work with children and young people with SLCN. Clearly organised, it is easy to navigate to find what you need. It is resource-rich with illustrative case studies, lesson plans, and website access to further materials such as interview questionnaires and assessment and planning cycles. A particular strength is the inclusion of parents in assessment and education practices. Every practitioner who works with school age learners with SLCN should read this book. It combines readability with research-informed practice and is an essential aid for professional development and interprofessional collaboration' - Deirdre Martin, Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham

'This book would be a useful source of material for any practitioner working with students with SLCN. A clear, well conceived publication' - SNIP

'[This book is] one of the most useful, and used, books on my shelf. There are lots of practical tips that will be of immediate use to teachers, many of which require little effort to implement and will make a significant difference to the student involved. The style is clear and accessible, with a good balance of research evidence and practical advice' - Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists Bulletin

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