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Talent Management

Talent Management
A Contemporary Perspective

Edited by:
  • Mamta Mohapatra - Dean Executive Education and International Relations and Professor, OBHR, International Management Institute New Delhi
  • Swati Dhir - Faculty, OBHR area, International Management Institute New Delhi
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August 2021 | 336 pages | SAGE Texts
A must-have textbook for students and budding HR professionals that provides insights on attracting, retaining and motivating talent in organizations for sustained competitive advantage.

This book provides the readers with a better understanding of devising talent strategies in an organization in contemporary times. From acquiring appropriate talent to the pipeline development for talent, motivating them in challenging times and retaining them—all the aspects of talent management have been covered in this resourceful collaboration. 

Talent Management: A Contemporary Perspective adopts a modern approach to the traditional concepts and shows how companies can adapt to the evolving issues and bring more agility to the overall system to maximize their performances. The real-life cases contained therein provide better understanding of the decision-making process of firms, offering invaluable teaching--learning opportunities.

Key Features:

• A unique assortment of various dimensions of talent management contributed by eminent experts and academicians in the field 

• Enriched with real-life case studies, industry insights and strong theoretical framework

• Comes with a plethora of robust and engaging pedagogical features to enrich classroom teaching--learning process

• Acts as a practical tool and guide for students of management as well as employers, recruiters and academicians 

Foreword by Bhupen Srivasatava
MODULE I Talent Acquisition and Assessment
Mamta Mohapatra and Swati Dhir
Introduction to Talent Management
Amitabh Deo Kodwani
Talent Acquisition
Premalatha Packirisamy and Srinath Jagannathan
Talent Assessment Tools
MODULE II Talent Deployment and Performance Management
Mousumi Padhi
Talent Onboarding
Amit Dhiman
Managing the Performance of Key Talent
MODULE III Motivating and Developing Talent
Premjeet Furtado
Developing Competencies
Nishant Singh, Umesh Bamel and Peter Stokes
Career Management
Jyotsna Bhatnagar
Talent Management: Pipeline Development
Sunny Agrawal
Coaching and Mentoring
Anupama Sharma
Managing Rewards for the Key Talent
MODULE IV Recent Trends in Talent Management
Swati Dhir and Archana Shukla
Employee Engagement
Suparna Pal
Recent Trends and Best Practices in Talent Management
Vasanthi Srinivasan
Ethics in Talent Management
Tanusree Chakraborty
Global Talent Management
Case 1. Tech Mahindra: Failure in Promoting Inclusivity at Workplace
Case 2. The Balancing Act: Prioritizing the Internal and External Talent Acquisition at RKN Projects
Case 3. Talent Mismanagement at Daikin Air Conditioning Pvt. Ltd. India
Case 4. Engaging the Restless and Reckless Gen Z: A Case Study of E-commerce Start-up Zappfresh
Case 5. Managing Talent During Mergers: A Case Study of Vodafone and Idea
Case 6. Understanding the Talent Management Challenges during Relocation at Oilsix Limited
Case 7. Does Diversity Lead to a Constructive Compromise?---A Case Study at DOT Technological Services
Case 8. Culture at JTG
Case 9. Talent Management Fizzled Out at DTKL?


An excellent book “Talent Management” written in an unusual way by the authors Mamta Mohapatra and Swati Dhir making it very easy and exciting to read by students and managers with every chapter with opening vignettes, food for thought, industry insights and case-studies in every chapter.

Prof. TV Rao
Chairman, TVRLS and Founder President NHRDN

A comprehensive articulation of all facets of Talent Management from Acquisition to Leveraging. The insights are informative and practical. Inclusion of global perspectives and best practices has made the book richer. A must text for students, teachers, trainers, researchers and practitioners as a very contemporary and holistic guide. 

Dr. G P Rao
Founder, Good People Relations, Formerly with SAIL, JK, Birlas and RIL

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