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Teaching Quantitative Methods

Teaching Quantitative Methods
Getting the Basics Right

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March 2011 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This exciting collection is both useful and timely. It clearly lays out the problems, strategies and resources associated with the teaching of quantitative methods in modern universities.

Addressing the perceived 'crisis of number' in a practical and fresh way the book sets out dynamic new approaches to teaching quantitative methods. It offers historical, comparative, analytical reflection and empirical evidence concerning the crisis in contemporary social sciences.

Experts from across the social sciences provide a wide range of authoritative insights as well as a number of useful illustrations of strategies and resources designed to help overcome this 'crisis of number'. Each chapter reflects the diversity of backgrounds and approaches within the social sciences making this an interdisciplinary, relevant addition to the subject.

The book also:

o focuses on innovations in how to teach quantitative research methods

o reports on the latest ESRC research projects on teaching quantitative methods

o locates itself within current debates about skills for employment.

Clear, engaging and original this book will be essential reading for those interested in learning and teaching quantitative methods.

Geoff Payne and Malcolm Williams
Geoff Payne and Malcolm Williams
Introduction: The 'Crisis of Number'
Informed Citizens, Competent Social Scientists

Geoff Payne
Mapping the Academic Landscape of Quantitative Methods
Jonathan Parker
Best Practices in Quantitative Methods Teaching
Comparing Social Science Curricula Across Countries

Martin Bulmer
The Place of Quantification in the Professional Training of Sociologists
Some Career Reflections

Malcolm Williams and Carole Sutton
Challenges and Opportunities for Developing Teaching in Quantitative Methods
Katharine Adeney and Sean Carey
How to Teach the Reluctant and Terrified to Love Statistics
The Importance of Context in Teaching Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences

Jane Falkingham and Teresa McGowan
Improving the Teaching of Quantitative Methods to Undergraduate Social Scientists
Understanding and Overcoming the Barriers

Jo Wathan, Mark Brown and Lee Williamson
Increasing Secondary Analysis in Undergraduate Dissertations
A Pilot Project

Rebecca Taylor and Angela Scott
Mathematics for Economics
Enhancing Teaching and Learning

Jackie Carter
A National Service for Learning and Teaching

Matthew David
The Problem, Strategies and Resources in Teaching Quantitative Methods
The Way forward


valuable for undergraduates who are starting out on research.

Ms Julia Lindley-Baker
SCEI, Bishop Grosseteste College
November 1, 2012

another well written text that provides students and lecturers with the basic information required to formulate quantitative strategies.

Mr Andrew Yorke
Institute of health and society, Worcester University
June 30, 2011

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