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Team Working and Professional Practice for Nursing Associates

Team Working and Professional Practice for Nursing Associates

First edition

January 2023 | 152 pages | Learning Matters
As a trainee nursing associate, it is essential to understand what it means to be a registered professional and to know your role within an interdisciplinary team. This book will help you to develop your professional identity and give you the skills and knowledge to become a valued team member. Covering important topics such as understanding your responsibilities as a registered professional and how to be heard in difficult situations, this guide will enable you to become a confident and successful team player.

Key features: 
·        Fully mapped to the NMC standards of proficiency for nursing associates (2018)
·        Case studies and activities illustrate theory in different practice settings across all fields of nursing
·        Written specifically to address the unique experiences, challenges and requirements of the nursing associate role

ABOUT THE SERIES: The Understanding Nursing Associate Practice series (UNAP) is a new collection of books uniquely designed to support trainee nursing associates throughout their training and into a professional career.

Chapter 1: What is an accountable professional?
Chapter 2: Understanding what guides your practice
Chapter 3: The inter-disciplinary team and how its members influence care
Chapter 4: How to deliver and contribute to person-centred care within a team
Chapter 5: Skills for team working
Chapter 6: How to be heard in difficult situations
Chapter 7: Maintaining your sense of identity and resilience as a nursing associate
Key features

Key need 1: Students need to understand what being an accountable professional means in practice

Key feature: this book maps directly to the newly published professional standards for nursing associates, as well as looking into what being an accountable professional means in practice

Key benefit: helps students transition easily into being a professional rather than an employee


Key need 2: Students need to understand how they fit into a multi-disciplinary health care team

Key feature: the book goes into detail the place of the Nursing Associate role and how it fits with other healthcare professionals also providing care

Key benefit: Students understand their role and how they fit into the wider team, and are able to help others in the team understand the role and importance of Nursing Associates, ensuring a smoother running of the team and better person-centred care.


Key need 3: Students need to understand how their role will work in practice

Key feature: this book includes case studies that shows how the NA role fits into the team in the remit of everyday practice

Key benefit: students are quickly able 

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