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The American Prison

The American Prison
Imagining a Different Future

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April 2013 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
For the first time in four decades, prison populations are declining and politicians have reached the consensus that mass imprisonment is no longer sustainable. At this unique moment in the history of corrections, the opportunity has emerged to discuss in meaningful ways how best to shape efforts to control crime and to intervene effectively with offenders. This breakthrough book brings together established correctional scholars to imagine what this prison future might entail. Each scholar uses his or her expertise to craft—in an accessible way for students to read—a blueprint for how to create a new penology along a particular theme. For example, one contributor writes about how to use existing research expertise to create a prison that is therapeutic and another provides insight on how to create a "feminist" prison. In the final chapter the editors pull together the "lessons learned" in a cohesive, comprehensive essay.

Paula Smith and Myrinda Schweitzer
Chapter 1. The Therapeutic Prison
Lois Presser
Chapter 2. The Restorative Prison
Byron R. Johnson
Chapter 3. The Faith-Based Prison
Francis T. Cullen, Jody L. Sundt and John F. Wozniak
Chapter 4. The Virtuous Prison
Kristi Holsinger
Chapter 5. The Feminist Prison
Craig Hemmens and Mary K. Stohr
Chapter 6. The Racially Just Prison
Benjamin Steiner and Benjamin Meade
Chapter 7. The Safe Prison
Roberto Hugh Potter and Jeffrey W. Rosky
Chapter 8. The Healthy Prison
Kevin A. Wright
Chapter 9. The Private Prison
Mary K. Stohr and John F. Wozniak
Chapter 10. The Green Prison
Cheryl Lero Jonson, John E. Eck and Francis T. Cullen
Chapter 11. The Small Prison
Francis T. Cullen, Cheryl Lero Jonson and John E. Eck
Chapter 12. The Accountable Prison
Mary K. Stohr, Cheryl Lero Jonson and Francis T. Cullen
Chapter 13. Lessons Learned

The book is great and the information is exactly what I need to teach my students about the American prison system. I love the book!

Mrs Monekka Munroe
Sociology Crim Justice Dept, Florida A & M Univ
August 17, 2014

Multiple perspectives on the issue of Prison Reform. This text presents learners with a varieties of perspectives attempting to engage the burgeoning prison crisis in the United States.

Mr Elias Ortega-Aponte
Graduate Division of Religion, Drew University
October 15, 2013
Key features


  • Twelve different ideas on how to improve the American prison are contributed by talented corrections scholars who inspire critical thinking about the future of the American prison.
  • Feasible approaches to fashioning a truly humane and effective prison in each chapter draw on correctional research and theory.
  • Diverse aspects of the prison are explored, including inmate health and safety, types of interventions, race and gender, and management and policy.
  • Chapter introductions written by the book's editors highlight each chapter's importance and relevance to changing today's correctional environment.
  • A concluding chapter pulls together the "lessons learned" in a cohesive, comprehensive essay.

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