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The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
The New Rural-Urban Interface

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July 2017 | 96 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

With the increasing urbanization of the United States, big city issues and interests have come to characterize and influence many key policy and political issues, while the rest of the country—rural and small-town America—is often forgotten. With the election of Donald Trump as the 45th U.S. president, however, rural America has made its presence known.

This volume of The ANNALS explores the interface between rural and urban America—how these areas are both divided and tightly integrated and interdependent. The volume focuses on the cultural, economic, demographic, and political dimensions of changing social and spatial boundaries that both separate and link urban and rural America.

Daniel T. Lichter and James P. Ziliak
The Rural-Urban Interface: New Patterns of Spatial Interdependence and Inequality in America
Barrett A. Lee and Gregory Sharp
Ethnoracial Diversity across the Rural-Urban Continuum
Betsie Garner
“Perfectly Positioned”: The Blurring of Urban, Suburban, and Rural Boundaries in a Southern Community
Angela S. García and Leah Schmalzbauer
Placing Assimilation Theory: Mexican Immigrants in Urban and Rural America
Alexandra Tsvetkova, Mark Partridge, and Michael Betz
Entrepreneurial and Employment Responses to Economic Conditions across the Rural-Urban Continuum
Bruce A. Weber, J. Matthew Fannin, Sam M. Cordes, and Thomas G. Johnson
Upward Mobility of Low-income Youth in Metropolitan, Micropolitan and Rural America
Laura B. Nolan, Jane Waldfogel, and Christopher Wimer
Long-Term Trends in Rural and Urban Poverty: New Insights Using a Historic Supplemental Poverty Measure
Trent Alexander, Robert Andersen, Peter W. Cookson, Jr., Kathryn Edin, Jonathan Fisher, David B. Grusky, Marybeth Mattingly, and Charles Varner
A Qualitative Census of Rural and Urban Poverty
Dante Scala and Kenneth M. Johnson
Political Polarization along the Rural-Urban Continuum? The Geography of the Presidential Vote, 2000-2016
Julia Burdick-Will and John R. Logan
Schools at the Rural-Urban Boundary: Blurring the Divide
John M. Eason, Danielle Zucker, and Christopher Wildeman
Mass Imprisonment across the Rural-Urban Continuum
Craig Gundersen, Adam Dewey, Monica Hake, Emily Engelhard, and Amy S. Crumbaugh
Food Insecurity across the Rural-Urban Divide: Are Counties in Need Being Reached by Charitable Food Assistance?
Erin York Cornwell and Matthew Hall
Neighborhood Problems across the Rural-Urban Continuum: Geographic Trends and Racial and Ethnic Disparities
Elizabeth Lawrence, Robert A. Hummer, and Kathleen Mullan Harris
The Cardiovascular Health of Young Adults: Disparities along the Urban-Rural Continuum
David L. Brown and Mark Shucksmith
Reconsidering Territorial Governance to Account for Enhanced Rural-Urban Interdependence in America

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