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The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
Inner City Schools: Inequality and Urban Education

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October 2017 | SAGE Publications, Inc

Students attending public inner city schools face various challenges and disadvantages that their counterparts living in more affluent, often majority-white, suburban public schools do not necessarily face. Yet students from urban schools are expected to meet the same achievement standards as their suburban counterparts.  

This volume of
The ANNALS contains essays, many of them ethnographic, from scholars, educators, administrators, and students that address the surveillance, disciplinary practices, and the school to prison to deportation pipeline that students in inner city schools face. Other essays address the power of schools to mitigate the effects of poverty. The volume also offers an international comparative perspective on these issues with case studies from France.  

Elijah Anderson and Luke Anderson
Reframing the Problem and Identifying Solutions in Practice
Vivian Gadsen
Gender, Race, Class, and the Politics of Schooling in the Inner City
Charles M. Payne and Cristina Ortiz
Doing the Impossible: The Limits of Schooling, the Power of Poverty
Elijah Anderson
The Devolution of the Inner City School
Gloria Ladson-Billings
“Makes Me Wanna Holler”: Refuting the “Culture of Poverty” Discourse in Urban Schooling”
Voices of a Principal, a Teacher, and Two Students: Their Experiences and Perspectives on an Urban High School
Tim Bouman
A Principal’s Perspective
Luke Anderson
I’m Known’: Building Relationships and Helping Students Construct Counter-Narratives on the West Side of Chicago
Mardia Cooper
Through the Looking Glass: A Reflection on Growing Up in the Inner City
Rodney Walker
My Experiences in Urban Education
Ethnographic Analyses: Surveillance, Disciplinary Practices, Gangs, and the School to Prison to Deportation Pipeline
Waverly Duck
The Complex Dynamics of Trust and Legitimacy: Understanding Interactions between the Police and Poor Black Neighborhood Residents
Vani Kulkarni
The Fight: Discipline and Race in an Inner-City Public Charter High School
Cid Martinez
Responding to Violence, Keeping the Peace: Relations between Black and Latino Youth
John Hagedorn
Gangs, Schools, and Social Change: An Institutional Analysis
SaunJuhi Verma, Patricia Mahoney, and Duke Austin
The School to Deportation Pipeline: The Perspectives of Immigrant Students and Their Teachers on Profiling and Surveillance within the School System
Comparative Perspectives from France: Schools in Marginalized Neighborhoods
Henri Peretz
Introduction: Urban Schools in France
Jean-Michel Chapoulie
Schooling in France: From Organizational to Informal Inequality
David Lepoutre
Street Culture and Social Control in Different Types of High Schools in Working-Class and Immigrant Neighborhoods in France
Celia Bense Ferreira Alves and Michel Nguyen Duc Long
Mesdames et Messieurs Les Proviseurs: Principals Address Structural Inequalities in a Diverse High School
William Kornblum
La Visitation: Inequality and the Social Fabric of Marseille
Matthew W. Hughey and Carol Ann Jackson
The Dimensions of Racialization and the Inner-City School
Carlos Javier Ortiz

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