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The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
Developing the Basis for Secure and Accessible Data for High Impact Program Management, Policy Development, and Scholarship

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March 2018 | 156 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
With the growth of technological capabilities that allow government agencies to organize, link, and analyze a large amount of data across various sources, an important resource—administrative data—can be used to change the way that the United States designs and implements public policies. 

This volume of The ANNALS outlines the infrastructures that will need to be built to make sure data providers and empirical researchers can best serve national policy needs. The volume is organized around three topics: privacy and confidentiality, data providers, and comprehensive strategies.

Andrew Reamer and Julia Lane
Introduction: Providing a Roadmap
Nancy Potok
The Federal Context
Jeff Mayes
The State Context
Section I: Privacy and Confidentiality
Danny Goroff, Omer Tene, and Jules Polonetsky
Privacy Protective Research: Facilitating Ethically Responsible Access to Administrative Data
John Petrila
Legal Issues in Using Administrative Data
Simson Garfinkel
Privacy and Security with Big Data
Ian Foster
Research Infrastructure for the Safe Analysis of Sensitive Data
Section II: Data Producers
Bob Goerge
Barriers to Accessing State Data and Approaches to Addressing Them
Amy O’Hara
Data Sharing in the Federal Statistical System: Impediments and Possibilities
Beth Blauer
Building the Data City of the Future
Jeff Liebman
Using Data to Make More Rapid Progress in Addressing Difficult U.S. Social Problems
Section III: Comprehensive Strategies
Peter Elias
The UK Administrative Data Research Network: Its Genesis, Progress, and Plans For the Future
Alex Szalay
From SkyServer to SciServer
Denis Culhane
Maximizing the Use of Integrated Data Systems to Serve State and Local Governments
Julia Lane
Building an Infrastructure to Support the Use of Federal Administrative Data for Social Science Researchers

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