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The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
New Policies, New Politics? Policy Feedback, Power-Building, and American Governance

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September 2019 | 252 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

The literature on policy feedback has examined how public policies, once enacted, reshape elements of politics. This research, however, has yet to be translated into practical recommendations for addressing societal problems and creating effective, longstanding policy reform. The potential for real-world application—that addresses problems, increases policy durability, and builds political momentum—is immense.

This volume of The ANNALS considers the power of United States policy reform and its potential to build self-reinforcing political consequences. Focusing on health insurance, climate change, criminal justice, and economic opportunity, this volume offers updated insights on policy feedback that reflect our current political climate, and it presents evidence-backed suggestions for efficient, lasting policy moving forward.  


Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson
Policy Feedback in an Age of Polarization
General Lessons
Suzanne Mettler
Making What Government Does Apparent to Citizens: Policy Feedback Effects, Their Limitations, and How They Might Be Facilitated
Eric Patashnik
Backlash Prevention: Taming Countervailing Forces in an Era of Political Polarization
Alexander Hertel-Fernandez
Asymmetric Partisan Polarization, Labor Policy and Cross-State Political Power-Building
Prescriptions: Climate Change
Jonas Meckling
A Long View on US Climate Policy: Choosing Policies that Grow Support for Decarbonization
Samuel Trachtman
Building Climate Policy in the States
Prescriptions: Health Care
Jamila Michener
Medicaid and the Policy Feedback Foundations for Universal Healthcare
Jacob S. Hacker
Medicare Expansion as a Path as well as a Destination: Achieving Universal Insurance through a New Politics of Medicare
Prescriptions: Jobs, Wages, and Regional Development
Robert Manduca
The Political Benefits and Potential Policy Feedbacks of Addressing Regional Economic Divergence as a National Political Issue
Andrew Schrank
Rebuilding Labor Power in the Post-Industrial United States
Prescriptions: Criminal Justice
Vesla Weaver and Amanda Geller
Transforming Police Surveillance of Kids to the Civic Incorporation of Youth
Amy Lerman and Jessie Harney
Understanding Law Enforcement Attitudes to Enable Correctional Reform

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