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The Language of Deception

The Language of Deception
A Discourse Analytical Study

March 2000 | 155 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Author Dariusz Galasinski employs a discourse analytical approach to the study of deception in The Language of Deception. The book focuses on the deceptive messages themselves -- how language is used to deceive others and what kinds of linguistic devices are used.

Galasinski develops a theory of deception based on his extensive study of debates and interviews of American and British politicians. Actual exchanges such as the one in which a politician is asked the same question 14 times and evades it 14 times, provide fascinating insight into deceptive linguistic practices.

The Natural Way of Being
What Is Deception?
How People Deceive
Deceptiveness of Evasion
Metadiscursive Deception
Conversation for Misrepresentation
Pragmatics of Deception
A Linguist's Look beyond Language


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ISBN: 9780761909156

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