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The Practice of Counselling in Primary Care

The Practice of Counselling in Primary Care

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July 1999 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`Useful for the insights about introducing a new service into the general practice environment' - Family Practice

Counselling practitioners in primary care settings have unique circumstances to contend with. This book offers practical guidance for managing the issues these counsellors face, exploring the complex dynamics of health care teams and providing a guide to the safe and effective practice of counselling in primary health care contexts.

The book highlights potential sources of difficulty for this group, from needing to maximize therapeutic contact while using time-limited techniques, to working with a wide range of patients and problems and relying increasingly on evidence-based practice.

Graham Curtis Jenkins
Robert Bor and Damian McCann
Carole A Trowbridge
Setting Up a Counselling Service
John Davy
A Biopsychosocial Approach to Counselling in Primary Care
Susan Hopkins and Mary O'Callaghan
Doctors, Counsellors and Their Patients
Intraphysic and Interpersonal Issues

Gilly Pembroke
Deeper Issues in Collaboration
Avoiding Pitfalls and Managing Internal Boundaries

Teresa Schaefer, Jenny Chesshryre and Susan Kendal
Managing Referrals
Carole Waskett
Managing Patient Flow
Waiting and Absences

Carole Waskett
Confidentiality in a Team Setting
Christine Parrott
Doing Therapy Briefly in Primary Care
Theoretical Concepts

Christine Parrott
Doing Therapy Briefly in Primary Care
Clinical Applications

Sheila Gill
The Competent Patient
Jo Sexton
Counselling and the Use of Psychotropic Medication
Gilly Pembroke
Training in Counselling in Primary Health Care
Damian McCann
Supervision in Primary Care Counselling
Peter du Plessis and Robert Bor
Evaluating Counselling in Primary Health Care

A valuable book which addressses the issues that counsellors have to face within a healthcare setting.

Angela Rowlands
Centre for Medical Education, Queen Mary, University of London
March 6, 2014

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