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The Principal

The Principal
Leadership for a Global Society

  • Bruce M. Whitehead - Retired School Principal, Missoula School District #4, University of Montana, USA
  • Floyd Boschee - Professor Emeritus, The University of South Dakota
  • Robert H. Decker - University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, USA

The path to becoming a leader for your students, faculty, and community begins here.

October 2012 | 520 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The path to becoming a leader for your students, faculty, and community begins here.

The Principal: Leadership for a Global Society
is the core textbook for aspiring and practicing K-12 school principals. Taking a practical and research-grounded approach, this inspiring text prepares school leaders to successfully face the challenges that they will deal with on a day-to-day basis and throughout their careers. From curriculum development to staff development to policy and discipline, it addresses the most up-to-date practices in developing leadership skills. The book provides a wide array of pedagogical features to help practicing and aspiring school principals improve programs, create a safer and more enriching environment for students and faculty; meet school, district, community, state, and national ideologies and standards; and much more. After reading The Principal, the educational leaders of tomorrow will be equipped with innovative, practical, and successful leadership concepts and ideas that will help them make a powerful impact on not just those who walk through the school doors, but the community as well.

Part I: Foundations of Principal Leadership
1. Nature of Leadership: Challenge of the Times
2. Metaphorical History of the Principalship: A Perspective of the Past
3. Theory: A Cornerstone of Leadership
4. Principals and Political Issues
Part II: Process of Leadership for the Principal
5. The Wisdom of Planning
6. The Principal's Role in Curriculum Development and Implementation
7. Implementing Change
8. Developing Systemic Leadership
Part III: Forces of Leadership
9. Managing Schools
10. Leadership and Supervision
11. Discipline: A Principal's Challenge
12. Improving Teacher Evaluation
Part IV: The Principal and Current Trends
13. Leadership and Public Relations
14. Practical Applications of Leadership
15. Current Trends in Leadership
16. Principal Alerts: Issues in School Leadership
About the Authors

Excellent content.

Dr James Fox
Education, Cairn University
December 8, 2013

This did not fit my two courses that I teach in the Master's program. Am using Glatthorn's Curriculum book instead.

Dr Shirley Mills
Dept of Educational Leadership, University of Texas - Pan American
September 4, 2013
Key features


  • Each chapter begins with a Keys to Leadership feature that provides a series of informative strategies that relate to key insights needed by future curriculum leaders.
  • An Applications section encourages the reader to stop at the end of each chapter to think carefully and reflect on the issues being presented with thought-provoking exercises designed to reinforce the content, examine contentious topics, and challenge readers to explore their own ideas and beliefs.
  • Each chapter contains a reflective case study as well as a Challenge to the Reader with key issues and questions.
  • Scattered throughout each chapter are innovative Principal Tips designed to provide future principals with knowledgeable advice to carry into their professional role as school and community leaders.
  • The book provides a plethora of ideas and strategies that address present and future leadership needs.
  • A series of Web links and references are noted throughout the book. These references are designed to encourage readers to explore links to Web sites where they can research issues and current administrative practices.

Sample Materials & Chapters


ch 3

ch 7

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