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The Researcher Experience in Qualitative Research

The Researcher Experience in Qualitative Research

October 1999 | 199 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

One of the most prominent currents felt in the arena of qualitative research methods is the impulse toward reflexivity and self-analysis: researchers considering their own place in the research act. The goals of this book are to describe various researcher experiences and give novice researchers some insight to better choose research settings, deal with their own personal issues in the research act, and to report their research accurately.

The first part of the book will consider various populations and settings for qualitative research with a special emphasis on health care-related settings. Part Two will discuss how one processes the researcher experience - both in terms of tools that can be used (networking, focused discussions, qualitative writing, etc.) as well as issues pertaining to processing (cross-cultural and gender issues, etc.) It then offers some insight into ways of processing the researcher experience in teams.

Finally, in part three, the author turn to ways of reporting the researcher experience, both in terms of possible setting (journal articles, chapters, the Internet) as well as modes and issues (first-person narratives, ethical considerations).

Susan Diemart Moch and Marie F Gates
What About the Researcher Experience?

Susan Diemart Moch
Health the Researcher Experience in Health Care Research
Sheila K Smith
Sensitive Issues in Life Story Research
Marie F Gates and Nancy R Lackey
The Researcher Experience in Health Care Reasearch With Families
Joyce Zerwekh
Qualitative Rearch Experience With Community Focus
Kimberly D Elsbach
Six Stories of Researcher Experience in Organizational Studies
Personal and Professional Insights

Susan Diemart Moch and Miriam E Cameron
Processing the Researcher Experience through Discussion
Larry Simmons and Marie F Gates
Processing Issues Related to Culture, Gender Orientation and Mentoring
Marie F Gates and Pamela Hinds
Qualitative Researchers Working in Teams
Richard L Ochberg
On Being Part of the Audience
Susan Diemart Moch
The Researcher Experience as Described in Published Reports
Susan Diemart Moch and Marie F Gates
Suggestions for Reporting in Health Care Research
Jennifer L Pierce
Lawyers, Lethal Weapons and Ethnography Authority
My Reflections on Fieldwork for Gender Trials

Rita M Gross
The Place of the Personal and the Subjective in Religious Studies

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