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The Tiger Vanquished

The Tiger Vanquished
LTTE's Story

First Edition

April 2013 | 276 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
This book tells the story of why the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) lost the war that they had always dreamt of winning in Sri Lanka. It is a collection of news stories and commentaries penned by the author from 2003 to 2009 on the ethnic conflict in the country. Each piece is provided with an introduction that places it in the context in which it was written. The unfolding of the drama is brought about through conversations with Sri Lankan leaders, Tamil activists, Indian officials, Norwegian and other diplomats, human rights activists, former LTTE guerrillas and civilians.

The Tiger Vanquished: LTTE’s Story provides a detailed account of the critical years when Sri Lanka’s internationally backed peace process slowly led to a vicious war that the LTTE decisively lost. The introduction provides previously unpublished information, including India`s covert involvement in the Norwegian-sponsored peace process and the silent war that the Indian intelligence waged against the LTTTE. Also, among other things, an inside account of what went wrong with the Tigers is given by two young women who served in the LTTE.

Key Years in LTTE History  
The Final Conversation  
Testimonials of LTTE Cadres  
1: 2003-2005
Why Does LTTE Make Pro-India Noises?  
Turmoil in Tiger Land  
'Only a Snake Understands a Snake'  
Can Tsunami bring Peace to Sri Lanka?  
The Tsunami, and Prabhakaran  
Tribute: Shankar Rajee  
Kadirgamar Assassination will Kill Peace Process  
Norway has to Recalibrate Sri Lanka Peace Process  
2: 2006
Switzerland taking Deep Interest in Sri Lanka  
Solheim not to Quit Peace Process  
India Clawing back to Sri Lanka's Northeast  
A Book is a Window to Knowledge  
Indian PM Urges Rajapakse to Save Tamils in Trincomalee  
Suicide Bomber Blows up Sri Lanka's Peace Process  
Prabhakaran's Pride: Or why he refused to meet Akashi  
Co-chairs' forthright Sri Lanka Edict will Please India  
Indian Trader Brutally Killed, Two Missing in Sri Lanka  
Pro-LTTE Website Attacks Karunanidhi  
Armed with Parrots, Tamil Girl Flees to India  
In War Torn Sri Lanka, a Widow Remembers  
Be Patient Please, Sri Lanka to Tell India  
Faltering Sri Lankan Peace Process  
Solheim calls Karuna Allegations 'Complete Lies'  
Experts Suggest 'Genuine Power Sharing' in Sri Lanka  
Balasingham Epitomized LTTE's Love-hate ties with India  
Sri Lanka Needs New Truce Agreement  
3: 2007
Why George Bush Cannot Match Sonia Gandhi?  
Misery, Epidemic go Hand in Hand in Troubled Sri Lanka  
Sri Lanka's Abduction Industry has top Academic in its Grip  
War Material Seizure Signal LTTE Bracing for Guerrilla War  
LTTE Cannot be Defeated Militarily, US tells Sri Lanka  
India Concerned over LTTE Explosives Smuggling  
Husband Dead, Tamil Woman wants to return to Sri Lanka  
A Historic Accord Few Remember Today  
On to Tamil Eelam: From bicycle to aircraft  
Amid war, India's Emerging Sri Lanka Tilt  
How to tell Tamils they don't Belong to Sri Lanka?  
Action above Ideology for Black Sea Tigers  
Use dignified Language, Bhagwati tells Sri Lanka  
Two Decades Later, LTTE Suicide Bombers Live on  
'Why no Memorial for the IPKF in India?'  
India-Sri Lanka Accord: Does It Still Flicker?  
Britain Favours 'Regime Change' in Sri Lanka  
Thamilchelvan's killing a Disaster to LTTE - and Sri Lanka  
Sri Lanka Gained Upper Hand over LTTE in 2007  
4: 2008
LTTE Man's Arrest for Abduction Plan First since 1991  
India's Covert Role in Sri Lanka's Ceasefire  
India Meddling in Sri Lanka Affairs, says JVP  
I Want to Bring Peace to Sri Lanka: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  
India's Sri Lanka Power Project Runs into Tamil Storm  
Sri Lanka Cannot Negotiate with LTTE, says Diplomat  
In Sri Lanka, LTTE Territory Shrinks and Shrinks  
We Have Failed to Convince the World: Sri Lanka Defence Secretary  
Norway-LTTE Ties Sour over Theft of NGO Vehicles  
India under Attack in Pro-LTTE media  
Tamil Nadu Ferment Stuns Rajapaksa but War will go on  
India to Send 2,000 Tonnes of Relief Goods to Sri Lanka  
5: 2009
Kilinochchi's Fall a Major Setback to LTTE  
Prabhakaran Cannot Escape from Sri Lanka, says Former Aide  
After 25 years, Cornered LTTE Faces Deathly Crisis  
Tamil Man Recounts tales of Horror in Sri Lanka war  
Vaiko has been an Undisguised Supporter of the LTTE  
Has LTTE Executed its Military Spokesman?  
LTTE Media Targets Sonia over War Debacle  
Playing Politics with Tamil Lives in Sri Lanka  
Is LTTE in Secret, Indirect talks with US to Surrender?  
Prabhakaran: From Catapult Killer to Ruthless Insurgent  
Prabhakaran was with 18 Men when He was Killed: Karuna  
Displaced Tamils to be Resettled by 2009-end: Rajapaksa  
Swat the Fly, Kill the Foe  
So, the Tamil Tigers were Mortals After All…  
How the Tide Turned  
Postscript: A New Dawn

It is an essential read for anyone trying to get his intellectual keel on extremist philosophy. At a time when even the most pacifist of thinkers cannot imagine a world without a war between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ , and ‘civilization’ and ‘medievalism’ , it is good to read about a group that started it all.

The Book Review

The Tiger Vanquished comes as a fitting finale of a trilogy that can be rated as the finest collective reference guide to the devastating three-decade-long war in Sri Lanka’s north and east.

Asia Times Online

The book is a well researched study of the rise and decline of Prabhakaran and his Tamil Tigers.

Freedom First

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