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The United States and India: A History Through Archives

The United States and India: A History Through Archives
The Later Years: Volume 2

First Edition

May 2021 | 544 pages | SAGE India

Declassified documents arguably offer a premier vantage for understanding global governance, current security concerns and the international market. The United States and India: A History Through Archives provides a comprehensive view of world politics, defining the United States and India as major actors. While the first volume dealt with India–US bilateral relations during the 'Formative Years', this volume (a set of two books) focuses on the 'Later Years': the Dwight D. Eisenhower–Richard M. Nixon years (1965–1972), when cold war politics had set in, and cold war alliances were evolving in both blocs.

These documents have been sourced from the Presidential Libraries (Roosevelt–Carter), White House Papers, National Security Council, Office of Strategic Services, Central Intelligence Agency, and Foreign Relations archives.

The Later Years comprise two books which deal with the effects of the Cold War on India–US relations as well as on Indian domestic politics. It focuses on that period in Indian history when India's domestic politics went through significant instability arising from faltering left–right–center coalitions and challenges to parliamentary system norms, and from volatile regional relations with neighboring Pakistan and China. It, thus, presents a comprehensive account of the private and political interactions which shaped a very critical period in world history.

The two books examine the following topics chronologically: American Interests Abroad; US Foreign Economic Assistance in the Developing World: Market, Military, Geopolitics & Food; India's foreign policy; bilateral relations with the Soviet Union; bilateral relations with China and the 1962 war; bilateral relations with Pakistan and the 1965 war; US military aid; and India's Nuclear Program. This volume comprises seven chapters charting the course of the deepening US involvement in the South Asian region.


The Soviet Union



India and Pakistan: 1965 Kashmir

Military Aid and Kashmir

India and US Arms

Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Energy




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ISBN: 9788132104773